Congressman speculates George Santos won't complete his term

 February 16, 2023

A fellow U.S. House member from New York speculated on Wednesday to CNN that Rep. George Santos (R-NY) won't complete his two-year term in the House because of investigations that he lied on his resume.

Rep. Marc Molinaro (R-NY) was asked about Santos during an appearance on CNN's Newsroom, during which Manu Raju said he was hearing rumors that Santos planned to run for re-election.

“Now, we are learning behind the scenes that Santos is considering running for reelection," Raju said. "He has told that to Republicans previously, signaling he was not going to do so. But he has changed because he believes he can beat all of the allegations of wrongdoing."

Raju also said Santos believed he could push off any criminal wrongdoing on his campaign treasurer if he did face an indictment over any of the allegations.

"Will not be on any ticket"

"Now, there’s a different view in New York," Raju went on. "New York Republicans, including some who are here in the House delegation, say that George Santos should not be the nominee and they are prepared to defeat him in a primary if he decides to run.”

Molinaro said, “George Santos will not be on any ticket in 2024.”

Molinaro said he was confident in the assertion because he believes the investigations into Santos will "produce truth. "And that truth might come as a surprise to Congressman Santos, but not to anyone else," Molinaro somewhat snarkily said.

While House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) may be trying desperately to hold onto a razor-thin majority in the House that could be jeopardized by Santos's exit, New York Republicans are now bent on expelling the serially dishonest and morally questionable Santos from their ranks.

Many allegations

Besides the blatant lies about his background, his college attendance, and his work/business history, Santos was also recently accused of sexually harassing an aide.

If an investigation proves he lied on any federal, state, or local paperwork, he could face criminal penalties. Of course, he is innocent until proven guilty, but lawmakers have resigned over lesser allegations in the past.

A recent Siena College poll said that 78% of voters in his district think he should resign, including 71% of Republicans.

Those numbers belie Santos's contention that he could be re-elected in that district, but it's not surprising that he's drinking his own kool-aid and thinks he might get away with it.

Seat could flip again

If he does resign or is removed, a special election will be held in the swing district, which Santos had flipped from Republican in 2022.

"Leadership and constituents in his district on Long Island have had enough," Molinaro concluded. "I don’t see a scenario where he runs for reelection or quite frankly, even completes his term.”

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