Conservative host Matt Walsh revives controversial claims about Michelle Obama's gender

 November 12, 2023

Curiosity has long swirled over the nature of Barack and Michelle Obama's relationship and noted conservative commentator Matt Walsh has recently revived a controversial thread of speculation regarding the former first lady's gender, suggesting the existence of evidence on the matter, according to a report from LGBTQ Nation.

During a recent installment of The Matt Walsh Show, the outspoken media personality recounted contact he received from an online fact-checking site in which he was asked to explain his prior comments suggesting “Michelle Obama is a man.”

Walsh stokes debate

According to Walsh, a representative from NewsGuard asked him to elaborate on comments he made during a Daily Wire Backstage episode in which he uttered the phrase “Michelle Obama is a man.”

Walsh noted that when he said those words, he was reading from a card included in what was described as a “conspiracy theory card game.”

However, Walsh proceeded to muse that he is “increasingly convinced that there is some validity to the claim,” eliciting chuckles from show co-hosts Andrew Klavan, Ben Shapiro, and Michael Knowles.

On Wednesday, Walsh made light of the scenario, saying, “I'm not going to get into the various high-quality sources I was relying on when I made my remarks, which were obviously serious in every possible respect,” jocularly going on to list a series of things that could be interpreted by some to cast doubt on Michelle Obama's proclaimed gender identity.

Don Jr's take

Earlier this year, former first son Donald Trump Jr. weighed in on the lingering rumors about Michelle Obama's gender and suggestions that her daughters were born via surrogate, as OK! magazine noted.

As part of a routine Q&A segment on his Triggered program, Trump Jr read a question that asked, “Is Michelle Obama a dude?”

The son of former President Donald Trump chuckled at the prospect and replied, “ know...I'm not allowed to talk about these things because you get called a conspiracy theorist by the mainstream media. But I will say, have you ever seen a picture of her pregnant?”

Though Trump Jr. seemingly tried to backtrack on the statement by adding, “Just kidding,” he then interjected, “That said, I haven't.”

Michelle Obama explains

Though neither Barack nor Michelle Obama has ever directly addressed rumors about either his sexuality or her gender, the former first lady has in the past gone into detail about the fertility struggles she faced prior to becoming a mother, as USA Today noted at the time.

Detailing her experiences with the emotional pain of miscarriage, Mrs. Obama told ABC's Robin Roberts back in 2018 that in order to conceive daughters Malia and Sasha, “We had to do IVF.”

Explaining her desire to help others who may be going through similar challenges, Michelle Obama said, “I think it's the worst thing that we do to each other as women, not share the truth about our bodies and how they work, and how they don't work.”

Even so, it seems unlikely that the skepticism and wild theorizing that has long followed the former first couple will die down anytime soon, arguably pulling attention away from the far more serious issues facing the country today.

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