Conservative House members stage protest over McCarthy's debt deal

 June 8, 2023

A financial crisis was averted last week after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Joe Biden reached an agreement to raise America's debt ceiling.

Yet while Biden praised McCarthy over the deal, some members of the speaker's own party weren't so impressed. Now they're seeking revenge. 

Protest on House floor

Politico reported on Wednesday that roughly a dozen House Republicans have staged a protest by holding up legislation favored by senior party figures.

Mostly made up of House Freedom Caucus members, the dissidents complain that McCarthy did not get the White House to make sufficient concessions and thus want "spending cuts this fall that would essentially renege on last week’s debt deal."

They include Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz, who tweeted, "House Leadership couldn't Hold the Line. Now we Hold the Floor."

Gaetz says McCarthy needs to have "monogamous relationship" with conservatives

What's more, Politico noted that in addition to protesting the debt ceiling deal, Gaetz and his allies "are pushing Republican leaders to ramp up attacks against Biden administration officials."

Meanwhile, the Washington Examiner reported that Gaetz said on an episode of former Trump White House advisor Steve Bannon's War Room podcast he is attempting to force McCarthy into siding with either the House Freedom Caucus on House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries.

"We're gonna force him into a monogamous relationship with one or the other," said Gaetz, who was accompanied by Colorado Republican Rep.

Politico reported that for his part, McCarthy has all but given up on passing any more legislation for the remainder of the week.

House Leader accused of trying to link gun bill with debt ceiling agreement

"Some of these members, they don’t know what to ask for," the House speaker was quoted as telling reporters on Wednesday evening.

"There’s numerous different things they’re frustrated about. We’ve got a small majority. There’s a little chaos going on," he added.

Part of the drama appears to be rooted in a claim that House Majority Leader Steve Scalise told Georgia Republican Rep. Andrew Clyde that his gun-related bill wouldn't reach the floor unless he supported McCarthy's debt deal.

However, Politico noted that Scalise said that wasn't the case, saying to reporters, "I’ve been very clear to him, there’s no threats. My main interest is passing the bill," but added that the GOP was "a little short on the vote count."

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