Conservative Removed As Bishop Of Tyler, Texas

 November 12, 2023

Texas Bishop Joseph Strickland has a new title.

FORMER Texas Bishop Joseph Strickland.

The decision was made by Pope Francis himself.

Hey, this certainly is not the type of thing that Joseph Strickland wanted to happen, but getting the Pope to acknowledge you directly isn't something that happens to most people.

Joseph Strickland was a troublemaker, according to the Vatican.

The Catholic leaders of the world didn't like that Strickland ever criticized them.

Just earlier this year, Strickland was formally investigated by the Vatican over his management of the Diocese of Tyler, Texas.

Apparently, the Vatican asked Joseph Strickland to resign.

Joseph Strickland didn't want to do it.

Now, the decision has been taken out of Strickland's hands.

He's leaving his post, whether he likes it or not.

Both the Vatican and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops have reported that Joseph Strickland is being removed from his post.

Neither provided a specific reason for doing so.

Well, that is what happens when people want you to resign, and you will not.

You get removed.

Hopefully Joe Biden is listening.

Many are saying that this move could potentially be politically motivated, as Strickland has never been shy about putting his conservative beliefs out there.

Strickland was reportedly getting more and more concerned with the church sacrificing its values for the sake of inclusion.

Joseph Strickland doesn't think that homosexuality is approved of by a Christian God, and was upset that Pope Francis was working so hard to incorporate LGBT values into the Church.

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