Converted anti-Trump Republican Nancy Mace says she would accept VP nod

 February 28, 2024

South Carolina congresswoman Nancy Mace, a former critic of Donald Trump, said in a recent interview that she would gladly accept an offer to be his running mate. 

"Anybody would say yes," she told Politico in a wide-ranging interview.

Mace established a reputation early in her congressional career as an anti-Trump figure, but she has since embraced the former president and 2024 frontrunner.

Nancy Mace on VP rumors

Mace is known for her provocative style, and her critics have dismissed her as a publicity hound.

She took many by surprise by joining the effort to oust former Speaker Kevin McCarthy last year, led by MAGA firebrand Matt Gaetz (R-Fl.).

Her recent embrace of Trump has led to speculation of higher ambitions, which she is not exactly ruling out.

The single mother hinted to Politico that she could help Trump navigate the abortion issue on the campaign trail, if chosen. Mace and Trump are of a similar mind on abortion, with both staking out a moderate position.

"But I do understand, women’s issues are going to be a topic in ‘24. And I see an opportunity for me to be able to do that," she said.

At the same time, Mace said she is doubtful Trump would pick her.

"But when was the last time a House member became vice president? I mean, it just doesn’t happen. And my focus has always been on South Carolina. I love the job that I’m doing. I love the results that I have delivered."

VP speculation builds

Who Trump will pick is anyone's guess. Some of the names floated include Senator Tim Scott (R-Sc.), House Republican Elise Stefanik (R-Ny.), and even former Democrat Tulsi Gabbard. Trump is unpredictable enough that it's safe to say that Mace should not be ruled out.

Mace said that Scott would be a "fantastic running mate."

"He’s got a lot of experience. He is a U.S. senator. He is beloved. I sit with him at church," she said.

Like most Republicans, Mace has endorsed Trump, who easily won the South Carolina primary against the state's former governor Nikki Haley.

Mace said she has "respect" for Haley but "South Carolina loves Trump."

"And I still think there’s a chance he might pick a woman to be on the ticket," she said.

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