Convicted former business partner of Hunter Biden to testify at congressional hearing from jail

 March 19, 2024

A former Hunter Biden associate will testify to Congress about their business dealings at a public hearing on Wednesday from a federal prison in Alabama.

Jason Galanis is serving time for ripping off a Native American tribe. He was convicted in the scheme along with Devon Archer, another Hunter Biden business partner.

Galanis testified privately to House impeachment investigators in February, sharing details about Hunter Biden's influence peddling and what Galanis called "the Biden lift."

Jailed Biden witness to testify

The convict said that he, Hunter Biden, and Devon Archer set out to make "billions" through a Wall Street firm they acquired together, with the Biden name signaling "access to the halls of power."

“The entire value-add of Hunter Biden to our business was his family name and his access to his father, Vice President Joe Biden," Galanis said.

Devon Archer similarly described Joe Biden as the family "brand" during a sit-down interview with impeachment investigators last year. Galanis is expected to testify from jail at a public hearing Wednesday, along with ex-Biden associate Tony Bobulinski.

Archer declined to attend Wednesday's hearing citing "short notice."

Influence peddling

Galanis will likely be questioned about a 2014 draft e-mail from Hunter Biden that Galanis shared, which described then-vice President Biden as "very, very keen" to join the board of a Chinese firm, Harvest Fund Management, that had ties to the government of China.

The e-mail references a famous, contemporaneous golf outing between Joe, his son, and Archer, which was photographed. Archer told Congress last year that Joe Biden met for coffee with BHR Partners CEO Jonathan Li in Beijing. Harvest Fund Management was the "H" in BHR's partnership.

Bobulinski famously identified Joe Biden as "the big guy" described as receiving a 10% cut in a venture with the Chinese firm CEFC. Hunter Biden has declined to appear at Wednesday's hearing after sitting down for a closed-door interview in February, where he insisted his father was not involved in his business deals while acknowledging certain connections.

The first son acknowledged that his father met Jonathan Li while traveling to China with Hunter in 2014, and that Joe Biden wrote college recommendation letters for Li's children. Hunter downplayed the connection, describing Biden's meeting with Li as a brief handshake.

DOJ targeting

Galanis is serving a 14-year prison sentence in Alabama for defrauding a Native American tribe along with several others including Archer, who introduced Galanis to Hunter Biden.

Archer was sentenced to a year in prison for his role in the bond scheme, which made reference to the Biden name as a selling point. Hunter Biden is set to go to trial on tax and gun crimes after the implosion of a plea deal that fueled accusations of favorable treatment by the Justice Department.

Galanis has alleged the Bureau of Prisons, which is run by the DOJ, denied his request for home confinement last year for political reasons. The request was initially accepted but was then rescinded around the same time that Republicans subpoenaed Archer.

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