Convicted killer Danelo Cavalcante captured following dramatic prison break

 September 17, 2023

Residents of southeastern Pennsylvania found themselves being terrorized in recent weeks after the escape of Danelo Cavalcante, an illegal alien who killed his ex-girlfriend in 2021 and is also wanted for murder in his native Brazil.

However, that reign of fear came to an end this past Wednesday when Cavalcante was taken back into custody. 

Federal and state law enforcement officers team up to locate escaped convict

According to CBS News, the convict was caught by a joint tactical team composed of Pennsylvania State Police and U.S. Customs and Border Protection personnel.

His apprehension was made in South Coventry Township, where Cavalcante was located and taken down by police dogs as he crawled through brush.

Members of the tactical team later took a moment to pose for a photo with the killer before he was transported back to prison.

Cavalcante's dramatic prison break was caught on video late last month

Cavalcante was armed with a .22 caliber rifle which he stole from a garage earlier in the week. Pennsylvania State Police Lt. Col George Bivens had previously expressed concern that Cavalcante might shoot someone.

"He's killed two people previously, I would suspect that he's desperate enough to use that weapon," CBS News Bivens quoted as saying at a press conference on Tuesday.

Cavalcante Cavalcante managed to make his way out of the Chester County Prison on August 31 by climbing up two walls, a dramatic feat which was caught on video.

CNN pointed out that Cavalcante's escape took a toll on those who lived in the area, including his victim’s sister, Sarah Brandoa.

Killer's sister faces deportation after arrest by immigration authorities

She told the network, "I haven’t slept for many days. Since (his escape) I have been waking up with fright at night. I nap and wake up with fright."

Meanwhile, Fox News reported last week that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents have also arrested Cavalcante’s sister.

The network cited  Lt. Col. Bivens as telling reporters that Eleni Cavalcante now faces possible deportation over "some immigration issues."

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