Convicted Oath Keepers leader warns Trump he will be found guilty

 July 5, 2023

An Oath Keepers leader convicted for his role in the events of Jan. 6, 2021, warned former President Donald Trump that he will be found guilty.

Stewart Rhodes, who founded the controversial group in 2009, said the government is at work to turn people against him in the latest case from special counsel Jack Smith.

The prediction

“They’re going to do the same thing to President Trump that they did to me,” Rhodes told The Washington Times from the D.C. Department of Corrections Central Detention Facility, where he is kept in isolation.

“I didn’t enter the Capitol, but I was still found guilty by a D.C. jury of obstructing an official proceeding even though I didn’t even go inside,” he said.

“And I was found guilty of seditious conspiracy, although they had zero evidence of an actual plan. They just used my speech. It will be the same thing with President Trump," he added.

Threatening witnesses?

"Trump is reportedly facing more charges from Special Counsel Jack Smith, who is investigating the former president’s role in the attack on the Capitol on January 6th, in addition to the alleged mishandling of classified documents and the obstruction of justice that followed suit," Mediaite reported.

"Rhodes also told The Washington Times that federal investigators 'threatened [witnesses] with life in prison … That’s what’s going to happen to President Trump,'" it added.

The situation for Rhodes

"Special Counsel Jack Smith is pursuing Trump through a 37-count federal indictment in Florida federal court for holding classified documents at his private Mar-a-Lago club, as well as investigating the former president's role in the Capitol riot and alleged attempts to overturn the 2020 election," Just the News reported.

"Rhodes predicted federal prosecutors will threaten Trump's witnesses with life in prison to make them turn on him, just as they pressured fellow Oath Keepers to testify against Rhodes and other militia members who received terms of 36 to 54 months in prison," it added.

The warning comes as Trump awaits more details on the date of his trial and other aspects in the unfolding case.

If Rhodes is correct, Trump could face a conviction at the same time he is running to become president of the United States.

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