Cornel West Picks Anti-Cop BLM Activist As VP Pick For 2024

 April 11, 2024

Let's be honest, Cornel West probably didn't have a good shot at becoming America's president in 2024.

Who he just picked for his running mate is NOT going to help him with that problem.

Milena Abdullah.

Abdullah was officially announced as Cornel West's running mate for his third-party bid to become America's president in 2024.

West already had virtually no chance of winning, but picking an anti-cop BLM activist as his running mate probably isn't going to help his poll numbers.

Abdullah is the co-founder of the Los Angeles BLM chapter and the former chair of the department of Pan-African studies at California State University.

If you've heard of Abdullah before, it's probably for the fact that she previously had made headlines by declaring that "virtually everything is racist" in the past.

Even being a Taylor Swift fan.

That remark came just this February.

As Taylor Swift was preparing to make it to the Super Bowl to watch her boyfriend Travis Kelce play, Abdullah gained attention by saying that it was "slightly racist to be a Taylor Swift fan."

She then said that the fact that Travis Kelce and the rest of the Kansas City Chiefs won the game instead of the San Francisco 49ers was "some right-wing, white-supremacist conspiracy."

There you have it.

The Super Bowl is racist.

Taylor Swift is racist.

The only people in America who Abdullah probably thinks can't be racist are black people, who she wants to be allowed to do whatever they want.

"We want to prosecute the police who kill our people. And we also want to defund police," Abdullah said. "We’ve been very deliberate in saying that the violence and pain and hurt that’s experienced on a daily basis by black folks at the hands of a repressive system should also be visited upon, to a degree, to those who think that they can just retreat to white affluence."

In case you need that madness translated for you, she's saying that black people should be able to commit crimes against white people without repercussion.

This is the future we're looking at if Cornel West wins in 2024.

Luckily, he has absolutely zero shot.

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Thomas Jefferson
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