Cornell West could cost Biden the election, Democrats share growing concerns

August 6, 2023

Third-party presidential candidates always run a significant risk of disturbing the leading candidate on one side or the other, and this time around, President Joe Biden has a lot to be worried about. 

According to Breitbart, in a hypothetical rematch of the 2020 election, President Biden and former President Donald Trump are in a dead heat in the key state of Michigan, but if Green Party presidential candidate Cornel West enters the fray, Trump emerges as the winner.

The news is presumably extremely depressing for Biden's campaign, which is already struggling to tread water with the Democratic base, especially as the current administration seemingly ignores kitchen table issues like grocery and gas bills.

The West factor is a bombshell development as Trump and Biden carefully work to win over voters in key swing states.

The numbers

Biden's campaign still has a lot to worry about even if West isn't considered, as the two leaders are showing as tied at 44% each. Five percent of respondents were undecided, and the remainder support a different candidate.

Breitbart noted:

When West is included, Biden’s support drops to 41 percent, while West garners four percent, and Trump leads with a plurality of 43 percent. Another four percent back someone else, while eight percent are undecided. The poll also shows Trump dominating the GOP primary field. 

In an election that could come down to the thinnest of margins, Biden's 4% drop when West is included is nothing less than an atom bomb for his 2024 hopes.

It's easy to understand why many Democrats are growing increasingly worried about West's White House ambitions, as his inclusion would all but guarantee Trump's victory in 2024.

"I think he has a very long record of service and academic thought leadership … I think just right now, given the Electoral College, it’s very difficult to square the very real threat of a Republican presidency … [with] the risk of giving up the very small margin of electoral votes needed to ensure that President Biden wins," Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told The Hill in a recent interview.

"Stakes are too high"

Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA), also concerned, added, "I think everybody, including the most progressive elements of our country, need to protect our democracy by stopping Donald Trump and supporting Joe Biden."

He added, "The stakes are too high this year, especially if Trump is the nominee."

Even if Trump is beaten by another GOP candidate, West's inclusion could have the same effect on Democratic voters.

Only time will tell if the Democratic Party figures out how to pressure West out of the race, but West doesn't seems like the type of person to be pressured on anything, given his radical viewpoints.

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