Court documents allege former business partner of Hunter Biden failed to pay NYC designer millions of dollars

 April 1, 2024

A former business partner of Hunter Biden failed to pay a New York designer more than $4 million in contracted payments since 2021, court filings against him allege.

Jacob Barton seeks to enforce a $5.7 million arbitration settlement against the son of billionaire Chinese real estate tycoon, Bo Zhang, to recover the payments, which were promised as part of a real estate development coalition in the U.S.

Barton and Zhang, through investment companies, joined forces to create DreamCube Innovations LLC," to "design and build interactive sports gaming centers for the Chinese market," court documents said.

A top advisor to then-Vice President from 2009 to 2014, Francis "Fran" Person, is a co-founder of DreamCube as well.

The connection

"It's humbling to work with incredibly creative, talented, and passionate people to push technology and immersive experiences to another level," Person wrote on Facebook in a now-private post, sharing a Fast Company article that called DreamCube an "enticing new technology and brand that's already signed deals with the NBA as well as with the Manchester United soccer club" that is set up "across China."

"We're living through tough times, but our future is lined with infinite possibilities," he added.

First Lady Jill Biden said that Person is "like a son" to her and Joe Biden and that he "will always be a part of our family."

It was unclear whether Person was part of the civil case.

Biden involvement

In any case, he was definitely involved in the whole fiasco. Maybe his position as practically part of the Biden family has been protecting him from prosecution.

At one point in 2021, Person acknowledged in an email on behalf of DreamCube that the entity was behind on payments and promised that Harves, another connected entity, would "catch up with the quarterly payments and get us back on schedule."

Court filings suggest that this didn't happen, or at least Barton alleges it didn't.

We already knew the Bidens were mixed up with all kinds of shady characters, and this is just the latest evidence that the Biden business atmosphere was less than honest, if not downright shady.

How many legitimate businesses are we going to find out the Bidens and their shady associates got their hooks into, thoroughly looted, and then abandoned?

And even more important, how many times are they all going to get away with it?

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