Critics scoff at White House press secretary's claim that president is "brave"

 March 2, 2023

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre praised President Joe Biden's supposed courage this week, describing his recent visit to Ukraine as "brave."

However, the facts surrounding Biden's trip has many observers dismissing Jean-Pierre's claim as a lie. 

Jean-Pierre insists Biden isn't "afraid of anything"

According to RedState, the controversy started on Wednesday when Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy suggested that Biden is afraid to confront China.

As evidence, Doocy recalled how the president allowed a Chinese spy balloon to traverse the United States and pointed to the Department of Energy's conclusion that COVID-19 likely originated in a Chinese lab.

The White House responded by citing Biden's Ukraine trip, saying that he "is not a president who is afraid of anything."

CNN reporter: No explosions for five days

However, critics complained that the alleged risks of Biden's Ukraine visit was hyped by both his administration and the Ukrainian government, with the latter playing air raid sirens to create a false sense of danger.

Even a CNN correspondent who is based in Ukraine all but acknowledged that the siren use was theatrical in nature, saying, "I've been here for the past five days. I have not heard any explosions. I have not heard any air sirens, until about half an hour ago, right when President Biden got here."

Former Service agents say Biden would have been evacuated

Meanwhile, former Secret Service agents Jeff James and Dan Bongino said that the president would have been evacuated in the threat had been genuine.

I don’t care how many pairs of aviator sunglasses he owns, you’re never going to make a draft-dodging weakling like Biden look courageous. You also are never going to make his handling of COVID-19 anything but a failure.

A real leader would stand up to Xi Jinping. The United States doesn’t have one of those, though, so we instead get this silly cosplaying in Ukraine while America’s enemies laugh at her. Jean-Pierre has no ability to cover up that reality.

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