Cruz decries McConnell for pushing Democrat omnibus in lame duck session

 December 3, 2022

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) raised the alarm Thursday about why the lame duck Congress under Sen. Mitch McConnell's (R-KY) GOP leadership in the Senate is still looking to do the Democrats' bidding even though Republicans will control the House in a few short weeks.

"Why on earth would a lame duck Congress pass Nancy Pelosi's appropriation bills when in just a few weeks, we're gonna have a Republican House?" Cruz asked rhetorically.

"I believe it should be the Republican House of Representatives that makes spending decisions," Cruz added.

Giving away their power

McConnell has reportedly been meeting with the White House about the omnibus spending package, which would fund the government through September of 2023.

Republicans have said that they would like to make some changes to funding, including possibly defunding coronavirus vaccine mandates and other Democrat priorities.

Defunding legislation is one way to negate it without needing to pass another bill to do so. If a bill isn't funded, it can't be implemented.

But instead of using the power, however limited, that has been given to Republicans, moderates in the GOP appear to want to give Democrats everything they want before power switches hands in the House and conservatives begin to have a say.

Cruz is right

Admittedly, the election results did not seem to give Republicans a strong mandate.

They only took the House by a few seats and failed to take the majority in the Senate. Depending on the results of the Georgia runoff this week, Democrats could have even gained a seat in the Senate.

But the election results do not seem to match the dissatisfaction in the country, which has resulted in chants of "Let's go Brandon!" and other anti-Biden rhetoric over the past two years.

Despite the slim margin of victory in the House, Cruz is right that Republicans need to do whatever they can to turn things around and stop Biden's horrible agenda before even more damage is done.

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Thomas Jefferson
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