Cuban communists 'nominate' former dictator Raul Castro to run in upcoming election

 February 18, 2023

Cuba's communist government looks to be in a great deal of danger, especially based on recent questionable moves it made, or didn't make.

According to Breitbart, the communists who run Cuba must be in dire shape, because as the outlet pointed it, they "nominated" former dictator Raúl Castro, 91 to run in an "election" for a seat in the Cuban national legislature.

Experts reportedly told Breitbart that without a Castro in the Cuban government, the country is likely doomed to fail.

Raul Castro was said to have retired in 2021, though some experts question the claim.

Brutal, nasty man

Raul Castro makes his older brother, Fidel Castro, look like a Sunday school teacher.

Raul Castro's rise to power began in the early days of the Cuban Revolution, where he played a crucial role alongside his brother Fidel Castro. After the overthrow of Cuban President Fulgencio Batista in 1959, Raul became the head of the Armed Forces and played a key role in consolidating the new government's power.

Over the next few decades, he served as Cuba's Minister of Defense and Second Secretary of the Communist Party, establishing himself as a powerful and influential figure in the country's politics.

In 2006, when Fidel Castro became ill and temporarily stepped down from power, Raul assumed the role of Acting President. When Fidel officially resigned in 2008, Raul was elected as his successor, becoming the first new leader of Cuba in nearly 50 years.

Breitbart added: "The younger Castro developed a reputation for extreme brutality, running the firing squads alongside mass murderer Ernesto “Che” Guevara."

What happened?

Breitbart explained:

Last week, shortly after a 2022 in which human rights groups documented nearly 4,000 protests against communism on the island, the official newspaper of the Party, Granmaannounced that Raúl Castro had been “nominated” to become a lawmaker in Cuba’s National Assembly.

As far as a Cuban "election" is concerned, it's nowhere near fair.

Cuban leaders are said to "nominate" a person, make sure that's the only person on the ballot, and then use pressure tactics to force the local voters to take part in the "election."

Cuba, an otherwise beautiful country outside of the communist grip that tore it to pieces, might not ever recover as long as they keep putting these evil monsters in charge.

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