Cuomo slams Biden, calls immigration policies at the border a 'mistake'

 February 10, 2023

Of all Democrats to slam the Biden administration for its disastrous southern border immigration policies, not many would have had disgraced former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on their bingo card.

According to the New York Post, Cuomo held nothing back recently as he slammed Biden on his Matter of Fact podcast this week.

Cuomo said what Biden has done at the border is a "mistake."

The former Democratic governor argued that it's one thing to change policies as a new administration. Still, it turns into a disaster if there aren't new and effective policies ready to be deployed in the wake of the old policy getting thrown out.

Cuomo rips the White House

"It was a mistake for President Biden to open the border without having a plan to handle the tremendous flow of people," Cuomo said.

He added: "President Biden had said he would do it in the campaign — but you can’t change a policy unless you have the program in place to manage the change."

That was a reference to the many policies, like the "Remain in Mexico" policy devised by the Trump administration to get a handle on the immigration crisis. And it was extremely effective.

"The southern states were right that opening the border created a tremendous hardship for them to handle. They were right that the federal government was not prepared."

Hilariously, Cuomo's last remark was completely hypocritical given his past stance on busing migrants to other cities, especially in the Northeast.

The numbers

For maybe the first time ever, and probably only time, many conservatives can agree with the former New York governor, in that undoing Trump's policies equated to a completely open southern U.S. border.

Since Biden reversed his predecessor's immigration policies, the number of illegals pouring into the United States with essentially zero consequence continues to set new records each month.

You know the situation is getting politically bad when card-carrying Biden Democrats like Cuomo turn on the current president. But sadly, it's the American people who continue to pay for those bad decisions.

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