More than 100 current and former Biden and Obama senior officials back Biden's support for Israel against Hamas

 November 18, 2023

President Joe Biden has been rather staunch in his support for Israel as it seeks vengeance against the Hamas terror organization in response to the horrific wave of murders and kidnappings that Hamas carried out on Oct. 7 against predominately civilian Israelis -- a stance met with sharp disapproval from a substantial portion of Biden's Democratic base.

Now, however, Biden has received public support for his backing of Israel by more than 100 current and former senior officials from his administration as well as that of his prior boss, former President Barack Obama, according to The New York Times.

This stands in stark contrast to multiple anonymous letters of dissent and various displays of protest against Israel and in support of the Palestinian people and, by extension, the Hamas terrorists who govern the Gaza Strip.

Current and former officials support Biden backing Israel

The letter to President Biden, signed openly by at least 137 current and former senior officials, praised Biden for his "moral clarity, courageous leadership, and staunch support of Israel" following the Hamas attacks, as well as for "unequivocally condemning Hamas's terrorism and war crimes."

The signers expressed their support for Biden's request to Congress for an additional $14.3 billion in aid to Israel and his precautionary redeployment of military assets around the region, and noted, "We agree with you that a ceasefire is not possible at this time. We know a two-plus-year ceasefire between Israel and Hamas was in place on October 6, which Hamas exploited to arm, regroup, build tunnels, and plan the horrific attacks of October 7."

As for those predominately on the left who have blamed Israel for the Oct. 7 attacks and demanded an immediate ceasefire while decrying Israel's tactics against Hamas, the collection of senior officials said, "We want to be very clear: there is no moral equivalence between Israel and Hamas, a designated terrorist organization responsible for mass atrocities. No aspect of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict justifies Hamas's unconscionable war crimes on October 7 and the destruction it has caused in Gaza in the weeks before and since."

Many Democrats oppose Biden's expressed support for Israel

The Times reported that comparisons have been drawn between this letter in support of President Biden's backing of Israel with a completely opposite open letter to Biden that sharply criticized his support of Israel, demanded an immediate ceasefire and de-escalation by Israel, and was signed anonymously by more than 500 members of his administration.

A key difference, the organizers of the support letter noted, was that their letter "should carry more weight because it publicly discloses the names of all those who signed and the group includes many former senior officials with experience in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict," while the opposition letter was entirely anonymous and there was no way to know if the signers were senior officials or low-level staffers.

That anonymous opposition letter was not a one-off thing, though, but rather followed a sharply critical internal dissent memo signed by more than 100 State Department employees that similarly demanded an immediate ceasefire, decried Israel's tactics in exacting revenge against Hamas, and called for additional support for the Palestinian people, according to Axios.

Similarly, The Hill reported last week that around 100 Democratic congressional staffers, who maintained their anonymity by wearing masks, staged a walkout in protest of U.S. support for Israel and held a vigil to express their support for Palestinians.

Left unmentioned by The Times was also a violent confrontation between anti-Israel/pro-Palestinian protesters and law enforcement outside the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington D.C. while a number of Democratic lawmakers were trapped inside the surrounded building.

Polling highlights Democratic split on Israel-Hamas conflict

If these dueling letters weren't enough evidence, recent polling also reveals that Democrats are deeply split when it comes to where they stand with regard to the ongoing conflict in Gaza between Israel and Hamas.

An AP-NORC poll revealed that just 50% of Democrats approve of President Biden's response to the conflict while 46% disapprove, and around 44% of Democrats say that the U.S. has been too supportive of Israel and not supportive enough of the Palestinians.

Similarly, a Reuters/Ipsos poll found that around 62% of Democrats said Israel's response to the Hamas attacks has been too "excessive" and 68% of all Americans -- likely more Democrats than Republicans -- agreed that "Israel should call a ceasefire and try to negotiate" with Hamas, a highly unlikely scenario that, to his credit, Biden has thus far resisted.

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