Dan Bongino not planning to renew radio show contract

 December 17, 2022

Hard-hitting conservative radio host and Fox News regular Dan Bongino delivered saddening news to his radio audience this week as he announced he will not continue his nationally syndicated show when his contract expires. 

According to the Washington Examiner, Bongino made the announcement during his Friday evening broadcast.

His popular radio show, played via Cumulus Media's Westwood One, is heard every weeknight across the nation. Its popularity rocketed Bongino to the A-list of conservative commentary, often making appearances on Fox News' biggest primetime shows.

Bongino and Cumulus Media's Westwood One have had several public falling outs in the past, most recently due to the vaccine mandate imposed by the company during the pandemic.

"Really sucks"

In true Bongino fashion, the loud-spoken conservative admitted during the announcement on Friday that ending the show "really sucks because I spent a lot of time building this and I love it and it's grown on me."

During his shocking announcement, Bongino opened up about how the company approached him in the wake of the death of legendary conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh.

"I said, 'No, I don't want it,'" Bongino said, adding that he reconsidered the company's offer later on. "And I changed my mind. I said, 'You know what? I'll take it, but for a limited amount of time.'"

While Bongino didn't reveal the nitty gritty behind the decision to leave Cumulus and his national talkshow, fans can breathe a sigh of relief in knowing that he'll continue his equally popular podcast, and he'll also still appear on his weekend Fox News show.

Bongino's contract with Cumulus has another 1.5 years left, so it'll be quite some time before his final sign-off.

Recently in the news

Bongino's name was at the top of the headlines in the wake of the initial release of the first batch of the "Twitter Files," as it was revealed that he was one of the conservative voices unfairly censored by Twitter under its previous ownership.

"The press completely lied about this. Now, they got this whole ‘oh, this is a big nothing burger. Twitter can do what they want.' That's not what they said. Go look at New York Mag and others and other media outlets and I'll show the receipts on my podcast today who insisted that there was no shadow banning going on at Twitter," Bongino said in a Fox & Friends interview regarding the revelations.

He added, "You had Tom Nichols, the lefty hack who wrote the book ‘The Death of Expertise’ laughing off shadow banning like we were a bunch of idiots. When's the apology come for me? The answer is never. And you know why I'll never get an apology? Because this is what communists and fascists do."

While he might end his national radio career, something tells us Bongino doesn't have any plans of stopping his voice from being heard, and that's a good thing.

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