Singer Darius Rucker arrested and charged with drug-related misdemeanors

 February 2, 2024

Country music star Darius Rucker, who first rose to fame as the frontman of Hootie and the Blowfish, was arrested on Thursday in his home state of Tennessee on misdemeanor drug charges, the Daily Mail reported.

The singer, who is said to be "fully cooperating" with law enforcement, was able to post bond and secure his release from jail shortly after he was taken into custody and booked on three separate charges, two of which were drug-related.

Busted for drug possession and expired tags

TMZ was the first to report that Rucker was arrested on Thursday by the Williamson County Sheriff's Department and charged with three misdemeanor offenses, including a pair of simple possession/casual exchange of a controlled substance counts and one count of violating the state's vehicle registration laws.

While few details of the incident are known, the specific drug law he was charged with violating would suggest he was busted in an "alleged handoff" of an illicit controlled substance.

As for the vehicle registration-related charge, TMZ reported that the police quietly revealed that the license plate on Rucker's vehicle had expired.

Bonded out of jail and "fully cooperating"

Local Fox affiliate WZTV reported that Rucker was released from custody on a $10,500 bond shortly after he was taken into custody on Thursday.

He was only briefly in custody, as TMZ reported that he was arrested around 10 am but was allowed to go just about one hour later.

A representative for the singer said in a statement, "Darius Rucker is fully cooperating with authorities related to misdemeanor charges."

Previously spoke about drug and alcohol problems

It has not yet been revealed which specific controlled substance Rucker is alleged to have illicitly possessed, according to the Daily Mail. Still, the famous singer has spoken openly in the past about his prior problems with excessive consumption of drugs and alcohol.

"Doing drugs and drinking every night -- I've done that," Rucker told the Los Angeles Times in a 2013 interview. "Trust me, I've done enough for everybody. And it's just not how I want to live anymore."

The Daily Mail further reported that this is not Rucker's only drug-related controversy in recent years, as the singer was chastised online by his ex-girlfriend Kate Quigley in 2021 after publicly commenting on a drug overdose incident she was involved in -- she survived an overdose of cocaine laced with fentanyl that killed three of her friends -- without first speaking privately with her.

After he told reporters that she was "doing okay" during a red carpet appearance, she posted on social media at the time, "Hi Darius, Could u plz refrain from making public comments about my health or well-being since u haven't called once to see how i'm doing & have no clue? Thanks Boo Boo!!!"

Bitter ex-girlfriend celebrates bad news

There are still some hard feelings between Quigley and Rucker, it appears, as the New York Post reported that the singer's ex seemingly celebrated the news of his legal misfortunate with a pair of social media posts.

"Yes. I’ve heard. All I can say is Karma," Quigley wrote in one post, then about an hour later posted a since-deleted selfie of her smiling in a bikini that was captioned, "Mood when u hear your d-bag ex got arrested. #Karma."

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