Data shows African Americans are leaving Democrat-run states

March 5, 2023

Conservatives have long complained that Democrats feel entitled to minority votes, such as when Joe Biden told African Americans that they "ain't black" if they don't support him.

However, the data shows that black Americans aren't interested in following the Democratic Party's orders. 

Data shows African Americans are fleeing blue states

That point was acknowledged by liberal columnist Derrick Jackson, who writes for The Root. In a recent article, he pointed to statistics from the Brookings Institution showing that "four of the top five states for Black population gains since 2010 are Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida."

"On its website, the Democratic National Committee Party boasts of the decades it has “stood with the African American community," Jackson noted.

"It says Democrats will promote racial justice with 'equitable' governing and public policy. The party says it will 'push for a societal transformation to make it clear that black lives matter,'" he added.

"But look around and all you see is Black people being pushed out of the bluest cities in the bluest states," the columnist pointed out.

Conservative areas offer more opportunities

Jackson stressed that at the same time "Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida have gained 1.3 million Black residents since 1995," blue jurisdictions such as "New York, Illinois, California, and New Jersey are the top four states for losing Black people, to the tune of at least 1.5 million Black people."

What's more, the author pointed out that this "great reverse Black migration" is going on despite red states enacting policies that Democrats say are a threat to minorities.

"A new Republican majority on North Carolina’s supreme court is reconsidering redistricting and voting restrictions ruled illegal by the court’s prior Democratic majority," Jackson wrote.

"Florida banned an Advanced Placement African American studies course. Texas and Florida are ending diversity, equity and inclusion in state agencies, and limiting the teaching of race in schools," he added.

Yet according to Jackson, "What matters is that Black unemployment is higher in California, Illinois, and New York than in Florida, Georgia, or Texas."

Author warns Democrats may be "trampled by the exodus"

"The Democrats can talk all the Black Lives Matter they want, but the nitty gritty of a roof over the head and bread on the table is more important than a ranting Ron DeSantis in Florida, a curmudgeonly Greg Abbott in Texas, or a combative Brian Kemp in Georgia," he asserted.

As he drew to a close, Jackson said the numbers represent a stark warning for Democrats who remain complacent about African American votes.

"Based on how Black people are voting today with their feet, the Democrats had better hurry up to dismantle the structural barriers on their home court, before they are trampled by the exodus," he concluded.

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