Death surrounding Jill Biden makes some wonder how she'll deal with the death of the president

 February 9, 2024

As death follows Jill Biden questions about how she'll handle Joe's death have arisen.

The issue of death has been at the forefront of the Biden family's persona since the death of President Joe Biden's son and first lady Jill Biden's stepson Beau Biden of cancer in 2015.

After the loss of the country music singer Toby Keith, who passed away from stomach cancer, Jill Biden took a moment to look back on his life.

The musician who was 62 years old and known for his song "Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue (The Angry American)" passed away on Monday, according to a statement that was posted on his Facebook page.

Jill's Remarks

“He fought with grace and courage,” the statement said of Keith, who only just publicly announced his diagnosis of stomach cancer in 2022.

The National Medal of Arts was bestowed upon Keith in 2021 by President Trump, who was in office at the time. Keith was known for occasionally engaging in political controversy.

The first lady paid tribute to the late musician in a message that she posted on Tuesday on X, which was formerly known as Twitter.

“Cancer truly touches us all,” Biden said. “Rest in peace, Toby Keith.”

Joe's mental decline cannot be ignored

Many have speculated that the President of the United States is not "all there." Since before he entered office in 2021, Biden has been experiencing what are known as "senior moments," and the frequency of these occasions is increasing, as has been evidenced on camera on numerous occasions.

Emmanuel Macron, the current President of France, was confused with Francois Mitterrand, a former President of France who passed away in 1996, on Sunday in a very public display of the president's lack of mental acuity.

The previous week, he referred to Donald Trump as the "sitting president" while he was speaking at a rally in South Carolina.

A previous report indicated that a number of senior advisers and First Lady Jill Biden are pressuring President Biden to take more rest and be more careful with his health in 2024, but he is reluctant to admit his physical limits at the age of 81, which is creating friction on his team.

According to current and former aides, Biden possesses plenty of energy considering his age.

However, some may roll their eyes at his constant claims of feeling so young: Former and present advisers to Biden have voiced their belief that the president is unaware of his age.

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