Carroll defamation trial jury heard clip of Trump deposition in which he mixed up his prior marriage dates

 January 26, 2024

Former President Donald Trump appears to have forgotten or mixed up during a sworn deposition some of the dates and details of his three marriages, Newsweek reported.

Video clips of the transcribed interview with attorneys, which occurred in October 2022, were played on Thursday for the jury in columnist E. Jean Carroll's defamation lawsuit against Trump.

Carroll has accused Trump of raping her in a department store dressing room in the mid-1990s and sued him for defamation in response to his insulting and vehement denials of the claim for which there is no evidence.

Trouble recalling marriage dates

Inner City Press reporter Matthew Russell Lee authored a running thread of posts on X to cover the courtroom proceedings Thursday in the defamation trial and included snippets of what the jury heard and saw while watching the video clips from former President Trump's prior depositions in this and other cases.

Trump was asked at one point when he was married to his first wife, Ivana, and replied, "1978 to the early 90s."

According to Newsweek, however, Trump and Ivana -- with whom he fathered Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric -- were first married in 1977 and were divorced in 1992.

The outlet noted that Trump was also asked when he was married to his second wife, Marla Maples, but he demurred and told the lawyers he would provide the dates later, then declined to answer a question about when he married his third and current wife, former first lady Melania Trump.

Newsweek pointed out that Trump and Marla, with whom he fathered Tiffany, were married from 1993 until they got divorced in 1999, and he has been married to Melania, with whom he fathered Barron, since 2005.

Marital date mix-ups previously reported on

While former President Trump's mix-up of his marital dates may have been news to members of the jury, it had been reported on before, including by NBC News in May 2023, when a transcript of the October 2022 sworn interview was entered into evidence in the Carroll defamation case.

The outlet reported at the time that when Trump was asked about when he was married to Marla, he replied, "I'd have to get the exact dates for you. I can do that very easily," and when asked later about his marriage to Melania, told the inquisitive lawyer, "I don’t want to even give you the answer. I’m not going to dignify it."

Nor was that Trump's only marriage-related confusion in the deposition, as NBC News reported that Trump also mistakenly identified an old photo of Carroll as being his second wife Marla, only to then walk that back and claim the picture was "blurry" when he was corrected by his attorney Alina Habba.

Trump confused old photo of Carroll as being of ex-wife Marla

That moment of mistaken identity in the deposition involving his accuser Carroll and second wife Marla is notable, Business Insider reported in January 2023, because former President Trump has repeatedly insisted that he never would have even been attracted enough to make sexual advances on Carroll since she wasn't his preferred "type" of woman.

"When I say she's not my type, I say she is not a woman I would ever be attracted to," he explained in the deposition. "I just -- it's not even meant to be an insult. Now, some people would be attracted to her perhaps. I would never be attracted to her."

However, the NBC report noted that Trump also acknowledged in the deposition that all three of his wives were his "type," making the dismissal of Carroll questionable given his momentary confusion in believing the old photo of her was ex-wife Marla.

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