Dem-led Chicago's bloody Thanksgiving weekend, at least 29 shot, 1 dead

 November 27, 2023

Once again, the once-great city of Chicago, now firmly under ultra-radical liberal control, experienced nothing less than a bloodbath over the holiday weekend. 

According to Breitbart, weekend shootings in Chicago, one of the most dangerous cities in the world, were far too high, with at least 25 people having been shot by Saturday night of the Thanksgiving weekend holiday.

In a late-breaking report, CBS News reported that 29 had been shot, and one person was killed as a result of the out-of-control violence.

Chicago, which literally employs some of the toughest "gun control" laws in the United States, has a continued high rate of shooting deaths, as they're mostly a result of gang violence.

What happened?

The shooting victims ranged in age from 16 to 72, with many of the victims listed in serious and critical condition in local hospitals.

Breitbart noted:

The fatal shooting occurred Wednesday night at 6:09 p.m. “in the 2500 block of West 63rd Street,” where a 27-year-old man was shot multiple times. He was transported to a hospital, where he died.

A drive-by incident on Thanksgiving night resulted in "five teenagers ranging in age from 15 to 18" being shot. Luckily, they were all listed in good condition and are expected to survive.

CBS News listed every known shooting incident, with some of them involving employees of local businesses being shot, and others having been shot in the street or while sitting in a vehicle.

The continued, unbelievably high shooting count caught the attention of Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), who posted a link to the report of the extreme weekend violence in the Democrat-led city.

Social media reacts

Social media users torched the progressive Democrat-run city, now led by Mayor Brandon Johnson (D), a mayor so radical he makes former Mayor Lori Lightfoot look like a lightweight liberal.

"Strictly gun controlled Chicago! If you want proof that gun control doesn’t work, Chicago provides it as a living laboratory," one X user wrote.

Another X user wrote, "The black community needs leadership to rise up and demand change from within. No amount of money, no amount of promises from politicians, no amount of government intervention, and no amount of good will from other races can change it."

It's truly shocking that Chicago voters continue to install radical politicians who are so soft on crime in a city that has joined the ranks of other once-great cities to become dens of violence, drugs, and everything else bad in this world.

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Thomas Jefferson
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