Dem Sen. Fetterman warns American dream at risk over border crisis

 January 21, 2024

Sen. John Fetterman, a Democrat representing Pennsylvania, made a forceful case for securing the U.S. southern border during an interview with CNN on Friday.

Fetterman expressed his concern that the presence of approximately 300,000 illegal immigrants attempting to enter the country is impeding the progress of legal migrants striving for their "American dream."

The remarks

In a conversation with CNN's Jake Tapper on "The Lead," Fetterman acknowledged the intricate nature of the current migrant crisis, characterizing it as a factor complicating the immigration system.

Despite his robust advocacy for legal migration, Fetterman underscored the crucial importance of maintaining a "secure border" and questioned why progressive critics would take issue with such a stance.

Tapper delved into the criticism Fetterman has faced from the left regarding his pro-Israel and pro-border security positions.

Debating Israel too

In response, Fetterman expressed genuine bewilderment, stating, "I honestly don’t understand why it’s controversial to anybody to decide that you’re going to stand with Israel in this situation. I honestly don’t understand why it’s controversial to say we need a secure border."

While emphasizing his unwavering support for immigration and the American Dream, Fetterman asserted the compatibility of supporting legal immigration while advocating for a secure southern border.

He highlighted the challenges posed by the substantial number of illegal border crossings, making it increasingly difficult for legal immigrants to realize their aspirations in America.

Calling for a reset

Fetterman concluded the interview by proposing a "reset" of U.S. border policies, stressing the imperative for bipartisan cooperation to develop a comprehensive solution that addresses the ongoing crisis.

Over the past few months, Fetterman has consistently drawn attention to the issues at the U.S. southern border, urging lawmakers to come together for collaborative efforts to find viable solutions.

His positions on border security, coupled with his vocal support for Israel and willingness to confront corruption within his own party, have led to a perception of a transformative shift in Fetterman's political stance.

From appearing as a typical progressive since taking office, he now presents more conservative positions on significant and contentious issues.

Fetterman's evolution is evident in his ability to garner support from conservatives, particularly with his steadfast support for Israel following the October 7 attack by Hamas, his advocacy for a secure border, and his efforts in addressing corruption within his party.

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