Democrat admits that Hunter Biden 'did a lot of really unlawful and wrong things'

 August 14, 2023

Last week saw the GOP-led House Oversight Committee release a memo detailing how Hunter Biden secretly took in millions of dollars from foreign sources.

Yet in a surprising development, even some Democrats are starting to acknowledge that the president's son was up to no good.

Hunter Biden "did a lot of really unlawful and wrong things"

As the Washington Examiner noted, that admission was made by Maryland Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin during an appearance this past weekend on ABC News' "This Week.

"We’ve all seen clear that this guy was addicted to drugs and did a lot of really unlawful and wrong things," Raskin told host Jon Karl on Sunday.

He went on to tout Attorney General Merrick Garland's controversial decision to appoint U.S. Attorney David Weiss to serve as a special counsel in the investigation of Hunter Biden, stating, "We have said, 'Let the justice system run its course.'"

Weiss slammed for letting statute of limitations run

However, many Republicans have expressed doubt over whether or not Weiss can be trusted to properly handle the case.

They include House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner, who recently pointed out that Weiss allowed the statute of limitations for multiple felonies to run out while he was investigating the presidents.

"There’s some question as to whether or not it’s prosecutorial misconduct, but it certainly could be, you know, prosecutorial malpractice," Mediaite quoted Turner as telling CBS News' "Face the Nation" Margaret Brennan on Sunday.

"The prosecutor, Weiss, had been working with Hunter Biden and his attorney, and actually getting waivers from, for those tax limitations period," the Republican lawmaker pointed out.

"And he stopped getting the waiver. So he certainly was knowledgeable, aware that it was going to be expiring. And then something occurred where he allowed those to expire," Turner complained.

House Intelligence Committee will subpoena Biden family members

Meanwhile, House Intelligence Committee Chairman James Comer told the Examiner last week about how he plans to subpoena members of the Biden family, a move which will likely face legal resistance.

"Obviously, with all the opposition and obstruction we’re getting from the Biden attorneys now, we know that this is going to end up in court when we subpoena the Bidens. So, we’re putting together a case, and I think we’ve done that very well," Comer explained.

"The House Oversight Committee will continue to follow the money and interview witnesses to determine whether foreign actors targeted the Bidens, President Biden is compromised and corrupt, and our national security is threatened," he added.

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