Democrat calls for Clarence Thomas to step aside because of his wife's opinions

 January 1, 2024

House Democrat Jamie Raskin (Md.) called for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to recuse himself from the controversy over Donald Trump's access to the ballot in 2024.

The Supreme Court is expected to weigh in sometime this year, after two state courts - one in Colorado and another in Michigan - ruled differently on whether Trump is disqualified from serving under the Fourteenth Amendment's "insurrection" clause.

Supreme Court recusal push...

According to Raskin, Thomas cannot be trusted to weigh the issue impartially because his wife believes the 2020 election was stolen.

Raskin told CNN's State of the Union that Thomas "absolutely should" recuse himself because of his wife's embrace of the so-called "big lie."

He left a veiled threat for Thomas if he does not recuse: "the question is, what do we do if he doesn’t?”

"But anybody looking at this in any kind of dispassionate, reasonable way would say, if your wife was involved in the big lie, in claiming that Donald Trump had actually won the presidential election and had been agitating for that and participating this the events leading up to January 6th, that you shouldn’t be participating.”

Guilt by association

Justice Thomas' wife, Ginni Thomas, advocated on behalf of Trump after the 2020 election, but she has never been accused of any criminal wrongdoing concerning the "insurrection."

Actually, Trump has not been charged with "insurrection" either, despite Raskin's confident assertion that Trump is unequivocally disqualified from running.

Obviously, it's not as simple as Raskin makes it. Courts have already given different views on whether Trump is disqualified - even the Colorado Supreme Court, which found Trump ineligible, was divided 4-3.

Anticipating defeat, Raskin said the U.S. Supreme Court might "fall for" the commonsense argument that it's undemocratic to kick Trump off the ballot.

"Donald Trump is in that tiny, tiny number of people who have essentially disqualified themselves," he said.

Raskin's argument - that it's somehow democratic to tell voters who they're allowed to vote for - is ridiculous.

As for the recusal issue, Raskin's claim boils down to guilt by association - and as previously noted, Trump has not even been found guilty to begin with.

This is just more of the same authoritarian nonsense that we have come to expect from Democrats.

And they still claim to champion "democracy."

" A free people [claim] their rights, as derived from the laws of nature."
Thomas Jefferson
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