Democrat drafts bill that would ban Trump from receiving classified material

 March 30, 2024

The Hill reported that a Democratic congresswoman has drafted a bill which would ban former President Donald Trump from accessing classified material. 

Put forward by New Jersey Rep. Mikie Sherrill, the legislation is known as the Guarding United States Against Reckless Disclosures (GUARD) Act.

Bill seeks to bar Trump from receiving classified information

Under its provisions, a president, vice president, member of Congress, or federal candidate may not receive classified information if he or she has been charged with certain criminal offenses.

They include obstructing an official proceeding, unlawfully retaining classified defense information, or acting as a foreign agent.

"As a Navy veteran and former prosecutor, I have zero tolerance for any betrayal of the public trust, especially when it comes to classified information and our national security," Sherrill was quoted as saying in a statement put out on Thursday.

"Nobody is entitled or legally obligated to classified briefings"

"That’s why I’m extremely concerned about recent charges against Donald Trump and his continued desire to access sensitive classified information, despite reckless actions, and serious criminal charges," she insisted.

"Nobody is entitled or legally obligated to classified briefings — certainly not Trump, even if he is the Republican nominee for president," the Democratic lawmaker went on to declare.

"This legislation is urgent and should be considered by both parties as a necessary step to protect intelligence and ensure sensitive information doesn’t get into the wrong hands," Sherrill added.

The Hill noted that Sherrill's bill does not mention Trump by name and would also apply to New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez.

Prosecutors link Menendez to Egyptian bribery scheme

Menendez was indicted last September along with his wife as well as co-defendants Fred Daibes and Jose Uribe on bribery and corruption charges last September.

FBI agents uncovered nearly $480,000 in cash at Menendez's home along with $100,000 worth of gold bars in a scheme which prosecutors say is linked to the government of Egypt.

"The FBI has made investigating public corruption a top priority since our founding — nothing has changed," FBI Assistant Director in Charge James Smith said in a statement.

"The alleged conduct in this conspiracy damages the public’s faith in our system of government and brings undue scorn to the honest and dedicated public servants who carry out their duties on a daily basis," Smith continued.

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