Democrat strategist James Carville goes on profanity laced rant against young voters souring on Biden

 April 30, 2024

President Joe Biden's support rate among young voters is faltering causing Democrat strategist James Carville to go on a profanity-laced rant against those voters who are souring on Biden.

Instead of discussing Biden's many failures that have caused even young very liberal voters to walk away, Carville chose to attack those voters for not falling in line.

In a video posted on Sunday, Carville screeched about young voters needing to fall in line and support Biden without question because there will be "no rights left" if former President Donald Trump wins in November.

Carville began his rant by saying, "James, young voters are just not into this. It’s two candidates, one’s in their 80s, one is almost in their 80s, they’re concerned about things that Washington politicians, and you just can’t blame them for—‘ Oh, sh--. F--- you!"

Democrats losing the plot

The Democrat Party has lost the plot and isn't adjusting for the fact that their "coalition" is heavily divided with different blocks of voters that have conflicting interests.

Young voters were a key voting block for Biden's victory in 2020 but Biden has consistently failed to deliver promises made to those voters in 2020.

One of the biggest issues, the forgiveness of student debt, is a particular sore point that has killed faith in Biden from young voters who elected him in 2020.

Biden has failed to meaningfully act on his promises and now young voters are apathetic and checked out.

Instead of considering why liberal voters are dissatisfied with Biden, Carville began ranting about the Supreme Court which he claims is "illegitimate."

Carville screeched, "Don't teach anybody that the current Supreme Court has any moral or legal legitimacy. It doesn't. It's in there because of contrivements, and it's in there because of weakness and cowardice."

The Supreme Court exists to be a check and balance against the other branches of government. If the Supreme Court was tilted towards the left, Carville would be calling its detractors anti-American.

Mass exodus

If President Biden wants to win in November, he is going to have to enthuse those voters who are checking out. Unfortunately for Democrats, Biden can't do that because he is stuck in the White House rather than campaigning because he is so gaffe-prone his handlers are afraid to let him out.

Trump is drawing crowds of thousands of energetic voters excited to vote in November, and those crowds include increasing numbers of voters who typically vote blue.

Biden has seen a massive decline in support from Black voters and conversely, Trump is making small gains. Unless something monumental happens, this slow decay of Biden's support base will continue and he will fail in November.

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