Democratic congressman will swear oath on comic book instead of Bible

 January 5, 2023

While it has long been tradition for members of Congress to swear their oath of office on a Bible, one newly elected Democrat is throwing out Scripture in place of something else.Β 

According to the Blaze, California's Robert Garcia announced that he plans to place his hand on a collection of documents, including a classic Superman comic.

Comic worth over $5 million

The story first emerged when Matt Laslo noted the presence of Superman #1 among a host of religious books that incoming House members are planning to use when taking their oath.

While congressional aides refuse to disclose who was planning to use the comic book, Garcia confirmed in a tweet that it will be part of his swearing in ceremony.

The Democrat said that in addition to Superman #1, he will also place his hand on a copy of the U.S. Constitution along with his citizenship certificate and a picture of his parents, both of whom died of COVID.

Explained that he is borrowing the comic from the Library of Congress. That Blaze pointed out that it is worth over $5 million.

The website noted that Garcia has promised to put up comic book images in his congressional office, continuing a practice that began when he was Long Beach mayor.

Garcia: "My love of comics influenced me growing up"

During an interview five years ago, Garcia spoke with a correspondent from The Weekly Grunion about his love for comics.

"I've been reading comic books since I was kid, and I remember the first comic book I ever bought was at an old thrift shop in my town," the then mayor recalled.

"The first comic was "The Adventures of Superman" comic. I started reading it and kind of got hooked after that. I've been reading comics now for over 25 years," he continued.

"My love of comics influenced me growing up, so I think being a Superman fan as a kid, I kind of wanted to go into journalism and I identify with the immigrant experience," Garcia added.

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