Democratic lawyer brags that Trump will face 'tough jury pool' in DC

 March 5, 2024

Former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley managed to score her first Republican primary victory this past Sunday when she won all 19 of Washington D.C.'s convention delegates.

Fox News reported that "aggressive" Democratic election lawyer Marc Elias responded to Haley's win by boasting that former President Donald Trump will face "a tough jury pool" in the city.  

Ninety-three percent of Washington residents voted for Biden

Elias' made his remark in a social media post in which he also included a detailed breakdown of the primary election's result.

Trump was indicted in Washington last year by Special Counsel Jack Smith over his actions following the 2020 presidential election.

The city has long been a Democratic stronghold, with President Joe Biden securing 93% of the vote there compared with 5.5% for Trump.

"Democrats brag about how utterly corrupt they are"

Fox News noted that Elias' post was met with mockery by conservatives, including from former Trump administration advisor Stephen Miller who wrote, "Democrat lawyer openly brags that Trump will never get a fair trial or impartial jury in DC."

Arizona's Republican Party offered a similar take, stating, "Confirming the DC Justice system has been corrupted by politics isn’t the flex you think it is."

Conservative political analyst and Daily Wire columnist Moshe Hill spoke up as well, writing that Elias' statement was an example of the way in which "Democrats brag about how utterly corrupt they are."

Fox News pointed out that reactions were not limited to media figures, with one X user declaring, "In other words, no way Trump could get a fair trial there. Thanks for the admission! I'm sure his attorneys will enjoy using this tweet for any future appeals."

Trial unlikely to wrap up before voters go to the polls

Meanwhile, Republican strategist Arthur Schwartz observed that Smith will need "to get the case in front of a jury for that to matter."

Schwartz was likely referring to the Supreme Court's decision last week to hear arguments over whether or not Trump is immune from prosecution.

Blaze Media contributor Chris Enloe pointed out that this development represents "a big win" for the former president.

This is because regardless of how America's judicial body ultimately rules, it is now far less likely that Trump's case will wrap up before November.

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