Democratic senator poses with shirtless firefighters

 August 28, 2023

Minnesota Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar raised eyebrows last week when she posted a photo of herself posing with shirtless firefighters. 

According to the Daily Caller, Klobuchar tweeted the image out this past Friday during a trip to the Minnesota State Fair.

Klobuchar: "You don’t want to miss the Minnesota firefighters" at state fair

The image depicted Klobuchar at the event while standing with a group of four male firefighters. Three of the men were bare chested while the fourth was clad in a tank top.

Meanwhile, a Minnesota AFL-CIO sign which bore the words "Union Workers Are Essential" could be seen in the background.

The post was met by a mixed response, with one Twitter user suggesting that Klobuchar's tweet would be treated negatively if the image had been put out by a man.

Critic complains that senator's post "feels a little double standardy"

"Imagine a male politician doing similar - i don't give a shit either way but feels a little double standardy," the Twitter user remarked.

However, others disputed that contention, with adult film actress London River responding with, "What is the something similar?"

"A male politician [in] a photo with firefighters? A male politician with attractive women? Both of those things have been done multiple times," River continued before adding, "A male politician with hunky shirtless male firefighters is something I’d love to see."

Ilhan Omar tweets out similar image of scantily clad firefighters

Meanwhile, The Hill noted that Klobuchar was not the only Washington lawmaker to highlight the presence of firefighters at the fair, as Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar did so as well.

Omar wrote, "Can confirm" in a quote tweet of Klobuchar's original post. She also included a picture of herself standing amongst the four firefighters Klobuchar posed with along with one of their female colleagues.

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