Democratic senator says Congress 'absolutely can' impose rules on Supreme Court

 May 29, 2023

Justice Clarence Thomas was attacked earlier this year after a left-wing news outlet accused him of on expensive vacations with s conservative mega donor.

That has Senate Democrats threatening to create a new Supreme Court code of ethics, with one lawmaker alleging that the justices live in an "ethics-free zone."

Senator says Congress "absolutely can" impose rules on Supreme Court

According to Breitbart, that claim was made on Sunday by Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse during a Sunday appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press."

"The work that we’re doing on ethics in the court ought to be easy, and yet it’s not; it’s partisan also," Whitehouse told host Chuck Todd.

"So I think that the first step is going to be for the judicial conference, the other judges, to put some constraints around the Supreme Court’s behavior and treat the Supreme Court the way all other federal judges are treated, and that happens inside the judiciary," he added.

When Todd suggested that Congress would be constitutionally precluded from foisting new rules on the Supreme Court, Whitehouse disagreed, insisting, "No, it absolutely can."

Senator says Thomas' wife "was involved in insurrection activities"

"The ethics reporting law that is at the heart of the Clarence Thomas ethics reporting scandal is a law passed by Congress," he said.

Whitehouse also referenced text messages sent by Justice Thomas' wife, Ginny Thomas, to then-White House chief of staff

"When Justice Thomas failed to recuse himself from the January 6 investigation that turned up his wife’s communications, he made the case that that was OK — he had no idea she was involved in insurrection activities," he continued.

"That is a question of fact. That’s something that could have and should have, been determined by a neutral examination, and then we’d all know. And so, the problem with the Supreme Court is that they’re in a fact-free zone as well as an ethics-free zone," Whitehouse complained.

Lindsay Graham points to double standard on Supreme Court

Interestingly, South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsay Graham pointed out several weeks ago that liberals targeted Thomas despite having ignored questionable behavior by the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

In particular, he pointed to their lack of outrage in 2019 when Ginsburg received the Berggruen Prize along with its $1 million award.

While Graham acknowledged that Ginsburg did not keep the money, she was permitted to donate it to organizations of her choosing.

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