Democrats condemn suggestion that White House may reinstate Title 42

 December 14, 2023

The Biden administration is weighing whether to reinstate Title 42, a Trump-era policy that allowed illegal immigrants to be quickly sent back across the border.

Yet that possibility has provoked outrage among some Democrats who say the White House is "selling out migrants."

Sen. Bob Menendez calls Title 43 "shameful"

According to Fox News, the critics include New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez, who released a statement earlier this week.

"It is truly shameful that President Biden and his administration are considering selling out migrants and asylum seekers in order to placate extreme Republicans who are jeopardizing our national security and that of our allies just to score a political point," Menendez was quoted as saying.

He alleged that it is "the height of absurdity that the Biden administration is putting forward, with a straight face, callous and inhumane changes to our immigration system that President Trump could only have dreamed of accomplishing."

Menendez was not alone in complaining, as California Democratic Sen. Alex Padilla released a statement of his own, which read, "There is no excuse for entertaining failed Trump-era immigration policies."

House Democrats call proposal "cruel" and "extreme"

Meanwhile, Illinois Democratic Rep. Delia Ramirez slammed the idea in a post on the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, calling it, "deplorable" and "unacceptable."

Also upset was Washington Democratic Rep. Pramila Jayapal, who said, "These cruel, extreme policies are a complete nonstarter for me and many other congressional Democrats."

Republicans say $106 billion package doesn't do enough to secure border

Fox News noted that an offering to reinstate Title 42 could be a concession to Republican lawmakers in negotiations over a supplemental funding request.

While the $106 billion package includes additional funding for Ukraine and Israel, Republicans complain that it does not do enough to secure the border.

"The President has said he is open to compromise and we look forward to continued conversations with Senate negotiators as we work toward a bipartisan package," spokesperson Angelo Fernandez Hernandez said.

However, the White House told CBS that it "has not signed off on any particular policy proposals or final agreements, and reporting that ascribes determined policy positions to the White House is inaccurate."

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