Democrats criminalize election challenges after rejecting Trump's 2016 victory

 August 18, 2023

For the first time in American history, Democrats are making it a crime to question election results - something leading Democrats including Hillary Clinton have done for years. 

While it has all been relegated to a forgotten page of history, Democrats vehemently denied Trump's shocking victory in 2016 - with Clinton concocting an elaborate hoax tying Trump and Russia to discredit the outcome.

Clinton's election denial

The collusion narrative received blaring coverage in the national media and was constantly hyped by Democrats like Adam Schiff (D-Ca.) and Clinton herself, who called Trump "illegitimate."

"I believe that -- look there were many funny things that happened in my election that will not happen again," she said.

Joe Biden also rejected Trump's win, saying that he "absolutely agrees" that Trump was illegitimately elected. Nor was the Democratic party's "election denial" limited to 2016: going back to Bush v. Gore in 2000 and 2004, there is a tradition of Democrats refusing to accept elections.

Criminalizing politics

But after 2020, Democrats decided it was a crime to be an "election denier." They now want to jail the opposition candidate - President Trump - for questioning a close election.

Biden's victory in 2020 came down to just 50,000 votes in a few swing states, a margin close enough for reasonable people to have doubts - especially given the unprecedented number of ballots being cast by mail.

In Georgia, where Trump is dramatically accused of pursuing a "criminal enterprise" to change the result, the margin was a mere 10,000 votes.

The Georgia indictment is sweeping in its ambition, targeting an additional eighteen "co-conspirators" including Trump's lawyers and some of the alternate electors - whom the left has nefariously labeled "fake electors" - who claimed victory for Trump.

Rules for thee...

Trump also faces a federal election indictment from Jack Smith, which ominously accuses him of "lying" about the election results despite plain evidence that Trump genuinely believes he won.

Although Democrats claim Trump's election "crimes" go beyond his political speech, they have applied a different standard to Clinton, who orchestrated an elaborate disinformation campaign that managed to derail the Trump presidency - defrauding the people of the government they chose.

Clinton is clearly not concerned that the rules apply to her - gloating to Rachel Maddow (a key player in spreading the Russia hoax) that the "system is working" in the Trump prosecutions.

"The only satisfaction is that the system is working. That all of the efforts by Trump and his allies and enablers to try and silence the truth and undermine democracy have been brought into the light. And justice is being pursued," Clinton said.

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