Democrats demand Clarence Thomas' recusal from important case

 September 29, 2023

The lunatic left is once again targeting Clarence Thomas, demanding that he step aside from a major case on the power of the administrative state.

This latest effort is being led by Dan Goldman (D), a New York lawyer and freshman lawmaker who has emerged as a vocal defender of Joe Biden's corruption.

A letter signed by Goldman and 49 other Democrats demands that Thomas step aside because of conflicts of interest involving the Koch network, the Washington Examiner reported.

Thomas targeted again

The letter follows a fresh report from leftist rag ProPublica, which has published a series of hit pieces about Thomas, concerning his attendance at donor retreats with the Kochs.

Goldman argued that Thomas must step aside because the Kochs' lawyers are involved with the case, Loper Bright Enterprises v Raimondo. Failure to recuse will cause "irreparable harm" to public trust in the court, he said.

"If you do not recognize that your behavior disqualifies you from ruling on such a consequential case and you do not recuse yourself, it will do irreparable harm to the Court’s credibility and to the public’s faith in the impartial rulings of the entire federal judiciary.”

The left has spent months trying to generate outrage over so-called "ethics" issues surrounding gifts Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito received from wealthy friends and donors.

The witch hunt against Thomas is part of a broader campaign to discredit the Supreme Court, which shifted rightward under President Trump.

The administrative state

The Court has sent the left into frenzy with its willingness to weaken or overturn liberal precedents, especially Roe v. Wade - putting sacred cows like abortion and affirmative action at risk.

Loper Bright Enterprises v Raimondo challenges the so-called Chevron deference, a precedent that requires courts to adopt federal agencies' "reasonable" interpretation of ambiguities in the law.

Chevron is a bedrock of administrative law and has long been a target of conservatives who seek to rein in the unaccountable federal bureaucracy.

If Chevron ends, it could immediately complicate Biden's ability to enforce his climate agenda by administrative fiat.

Goldman a questionable spokesman for "ethics"

The court's conservatives, including Thomas, have criticized Chevron. Thomas wrote the precedent "is in serious tension with the Constitution" because it limits the power of the courts to review the law.

Thomas is among the most reliably conservative of the justices, and he has been a recurring target of calls for impeachment and recusal.

"There is no question that your lengthy relationship with the Kochs, including your participation in donor retreats for the Koch network, requires recusal in the upcoming case that the Koch network has teed up in an attempt to overturn Chevron," Goldman wrote.

Democrats have also called for the court's justices to answer to "ethics" oversight from Congress, but opponents warn it would undermine the separation of powers.

Goldman is not exactly the ideal spokesperson on matters of ethics. He notoriously misled the country after Devon Archer's testimony about Hunter Biden's business dealings - falsely claiming that Archer used the words "illusion of access" to describe the Biden family's influence peddling.

Those words actually came from Goldman himself.

Goldman also tried to spin Joe Biden's phone conversations with shadowy foreign oligarchs as nothing but innocent chitchat about the weather.

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