Democrats fear group No Labels could threaten Joe Biden reelection chances

 September 23, 2023

According to Fox News, President Joe Biden managed to carry Arizona in 2020 by a razor-thin 0.3% margin of victory.

Yet as the Associated Press reported on Thursday, there's a new trend in the state that some Democrats fear could spell the death of Biden's reelection chances. 

Third party "No Labels" has registered 15,000 people to vote

The news service noted that some 15,000 people have been registered to join a new political party known as No Labels, which advocates for a so-called "unity ticket" to oppose both Biden and former President Donald Trump.

Arizona is not the only state in which No Labels is building strength, as the Associated Press reported last month that it is also registering voters in Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, and Utah.

Todd McLeod is a Democratic strategist in Arizona, and he is among those expressing concern, something he spoke to the Associated Press about.

"If they have someone on the ballot who is designed to bring the country together, that clearly draws votes away from Joe Biden and does not draw votes away from Donald Trump," McLeod argued.

Left-wing activist: "This is a bad idea"

Matt Bennett serves as executive vice president of the center-left group Third Way, and he is also warning liberals against getting behind a No Labels candidate.

"We need to convince the political world that being involved with this is a bad idea," the Associated Press quoted Bennett as saying.

"If you’re a potential candidate of theirs, you’re going to be Jill Stein 2.0," he added, referencing the 2016 Green Party presidential candidate who many Democrats blame for siphoning votes away from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Last month saw Arizona Democrats lose a lawsuit aimed at keeping No Labels off the ballot next year. However, they are now demanding that Arizona's Democratic Secretary of State Adrian Fontes force No Labels to disclose its donors.

Democrats say No Labels is supported by conservatives

While No Labels has thus far kept its list of financial supporters confidential, Democrats believe it is being propped up by funding from right-wing sources.

The Associated Press noted that although Fontes has yet to indicate what action will be taken, the secretary of state has suggested that No Label may be in trouble for refusing to register as a political party.

However, supporters of No Labels remain undaunted. Benjamin Chavis is a former head of the NAACP who now works with No Labels, and he said that America faces "unprecedented times."

"Never before has such a large number of Americans expressed their concerns and expressed their views and their aspirations for more choices," he said.

" A free people [claim] their rights, as derived from the laws of nature."
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