Democrats in significant numbers view Michelle Obama as party's best chance in '24

September 4, 2023

With growing questions not just about President Joe Biden's cognitive capabilities but also his potential exposure in the continued probes of his family's business dealings, reports suggest that many Democrats feel an approaching sense of desperation that may see them turning to former first lady Michelle Obama to be the party's standard-bearer, as the Washington Times explains.

Mrs. Obama's willingness to entertain such a prospect, however, is far from clear, regardless of how many voters may be holding out hope that she will throw her hat into the ring.

Biden's fortunes in doubt

The concerns and uncertainty plaguing Biden's reelection campaign have shown no signs of abating in recent months, a majority of voters from his own party wishing he would step aside and not seek a second term, as the Times notes.

An NBC News poll from earlier this summer revealed that 68% of all voters harbor reservations about Biden's mental and physical health.

Alarmingly for the Biden camp, among that group, 55% said that those concerns are “major” ones.

Now that congressional Republicans are ramping up talk of an imminent impeachment investigation launch – perhaps as early as this month – and as more information continues to emerge regarding Biden's involvement in his son's questionable business deals, many Democrats are wishing for a new candidate to come into the picture and save the day ahead of 2024.

Weak bench plagues Dems

Though Biden himself has given no indication as of yet that he is contemplating a withdrawal from the race, Democrats would be hard-pressed to name an obvious replacement candidate if he did.

Despite the vice president typically being the natural fill-in under such a circumstance, Kamala Harris typically polls even worse than her boss, and there are few other options on the Democratic side of the aisle likely to garner the groundswell of enthusiasm necessary in what is likely to be a hotly contested cycle.

Because of this, Mrs. Obama's name continues to surface in Democratic circles as someone who already enjoys massive popularity among the electorate and, as polls suggest, could command real support at the polls.

The Center Square Voters' Voice Poll, for instance, found that while Biden comes out ahead of current Democratic candidates Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Marianne Williamson, Mrs. Obama pulls in 48% of party members' support, while the president receives just 36%, making her an even more appealing option than ever.

Dems' dream solution?

Back in May, Douglas Schoen and Andrew Stein, both longtime Democrat Party insiders, declared Michelle Obama to be the left's “strongest candidate by far” to take the baton from Biden.

Charlie Kirk, Turning Point USA founder, tended to agree, noting that the former first lady “polls well and can replace Kamala without anyone calling it racist” and adding, “[w]atch for Democrats to start quietly pushing Michelle Obama more and more as a 'unifying force' for the party against Trump.”

Talk radio host Dan Bongino believes that Democrats really are hitting the panic button and attempting to draft Michelle Obama as soon as possible. “They're sending out smoke signals basically to the Obama family. They know Sleepy Joe is in big trouble.”

Mrs. Obama has said in the past that she is not interested in seeking the highest office in the land, but whether she would be able to resist what could become a deafening chorus of pleas from fearful Democrats to enter the arena ahead of the next election, only time will tell.

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