Democrats' soft on crime message followed by horrifying violence

 May 23, 2023

During their 2020 White House campaign, Kamala Harris promoted a bail fund for rioters while Joe Biden offered words of praise for Jacob Blake, an accused rapist who was wounded by police.

If their goal was to embolden criminals, then they appear to have succeeded. An example of that came last Thursday as brutal chaos enveloped a Los Angeles street. 

Video shows mob brutalizing man

According to Fox News, a man was hauled from his truck and savagely beaten by a group of cyclists in the city’s downtown Jewelry District.

The Los Angeles Police Department's Central Division responded to the violence by posting a statement to its Twitter account.

"Central Division is aware of a shocking video involving a fight between a group of people on bicycles and an individual in a pick-up truck," it declared.

Critics say man who raped and murdered child helped by New York law

"To date, no one has reported this incident to the police. We are asking the victims to come forward and contact Central Station," the statement added.

California is far from being the only place to see such manifestations of brutality, as the New York Post reported that a man who was convicted of raping and murdering a 10-year-old Queens girl has just been charged in another rape as well as a physical assault.

The Post noted that Charles Rowe "was able to cash in on the state’s controversial 'Less is More' act," a piece of legislation signed by New York Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul.

Law enforcement officer calls Rowe "poster child" for Less is More Act

Under its provisions, parolees cannot be sent back to prison over a "technical violation" of their release conditions, thus allowing them to remain free.

One unnamed law enforcement figure was quoted as telling the Post that "Charles Rowe is the poster child for parole violation."

"He did time for one of the most heinous crimes I have seen in 40 years and he robs a car less than a year after he’s released," the source continued before adding, "Thanks to the governor’s ‘Less is More’ it is almost impossible to violate someone."

"Lowering the standards is responsible for one woman fighting off this monster and another woman being raped in two horrific crimes where both women were threatened to be killed," the law enforcement figure complained.

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