Democrats Starting To Turn On Biden Over Business Deals

 August 14, 2023

I never thought I'd see the day, but CNN's Jake Tapper appears to be coming around and embracing common sense.

It's only on one issue, mind you, but it's an incredible turnaround from somebody who used to be as braindead as the rest of them.

In recent weeks, Tapper, despite working for CNN, has gained a little bit of credibility with Republicans by being one of America's only liberals who seems willing to apply some common sense logic to Joe Biden's illegal business deals.

First of all, let's just stop pretending that Joe Biden wasn't involved.

He may have been directly involved in all of those situations, but even if he wasn't, the only reason Hunter Biden was ever getting those opportunities was because he was selling his family's last name around the globe.

One way or another, Joe Biden was involved.

Even Democrats in America are getting sick and tired of the lies.

Tapper's one of them.

He's still a liberal, mind you, he's simply suggesting that maybe Joe Biden deserves to be treated like any other American and not be given free pass after free pass.

He even invited Representative Dean Phillips, a Democrat from Minnesota, on his show to tell America that Old Joe might be a little bit more vulnerable than most liberals would like to admit.

While it's VERY clear which party these two are affiliated with, this is much closer to the truth than we're used to seeing them be:

"I love Joe Biden. I think he’s a man of decency, of competency, his record is extraordinary," Dean Phillips said.

"Just imagine, Jake, the energy behind a next generation on the Democratic primary stage, perhaps a woman at the top of the ticket in a year in which reproductive rights are going to be front and center, other than the former president being under indictment and now the son of the President we have right now being subject to a special counsel. It’s a sad day for America, I want to start with that. I do not think the President is corrupt — I want to make that really clear — but we are duty-bound to investigate, to ensure the facts come out, and the fact is, we don’t know where this goes, and I think it’s too much risk for Democrats to take this chance without a backup plan. Because what we have right now in reserve is awfully consequential and, frankly, frightening."

"I really cannot imagine that this reaches the President. I think it’s fairly clear that Hunter Biden, a former addict — this is unsavory, probably unethical, and possibly illegal, some of what he did, we will find out. I don’t think it touches the President. But we all know what kind of an era we live in, it’s not what’s real, it’s how people feel," Phillips concluded.

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