Democrats trying to capitalize on Taylor Swift's anti-Trump sentiment

 January 30, 2024

The New York Times reported on Monday that President Joe Biden is kicking his 2024 general election campaign into high gear now that it looks like former President Donald Trump will be the GOP nominee, and that he's setting his sights on pop megastar Taylor Swift to help him get out the young vote. 

Swift endorsed Biden in 2020, and just one of her TikTok posts was credited with getting about 35,00 new voter registrations.

The 34-year-old pop icon has 279 million followers, and she can't stand former President Donald Trump.

It's estimated that Swift has generated $330 million for the NFL just by showing up to cheer for boyfriend Travis Kelce at Kansas City Chiefs games--and that's without any kind of endorsement deal.

Harnessing Swift's power

To harness Swift's power for Biden could be all he needs to scoot back ahead of Trump--but will she do it?

On the one hand, most of her fans are not all that interested in politics. She could end up damaging her billion dollar brand if she decides to be an activist for Biden; it's certainly happened before to other activist-celebrities.

But she does have some strong opinions about politics, and they all seem to fall on the Democrat end of things. It's hard to believe that she will stay completely quiet for the next nine-plus months.

If she threads the needle between making her views known and becoming a Biden shill, she may be able to help him more than any other celebrity or influencer.

Hence the Times article, which puts the suggestion out into the ethos.

"Profoundly Powerful"

So far, it's only the Times and California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) who have called on Swift to use her massive reach on Biden's behalf.



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