Dems choose Biden over other candidates, except for Michelle Obama

December 3, 2023

President Joe Biden polls higher than other Democratic candidates and hypothetical candidates except for former first lady Michelle Obama.

The Center Square Voters' Voice Poll noted the responses recently based on selections from likely Democratic voters.

The results

"Registered Democratic voters would pick Biden (74%) over Marianne Williamson (9%). They'd also opt for Biden (58%) over U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg (25%). And Biden (57%) would beat Vermont independent Sen. Bernie Sanders (29%)," Just the News reported.

"Biden (53%) has the upper hand on California Gov. Gavin Newsom (27%). The incumbent (60%) triumphs over U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (25%). Vice President Kamala Harris (24%) wouldn't beat Biden (62%) either. Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (32%) comes closer than other Democrats, but comes up short against Biden (54%)," it added.

Michelle Obama's influence

"Michelle Obama currently has the best of multiple worlds," said David Byler, chief of research at Noble Predictive Insights. "She's a celebrity with near universal name recognition. She's beloved by Democrats who remember her years as First Lady. But she doesn’t have the string of failures and missteps that follow anyone who holds formal political office.

"In other words, she has all the goodwill that comes with the Obama brand but no record that a potential opponent could use against her. She’s not running for office now – but if she chose to do so in a future cycle, she could be formidable," he said.

Most admired?

"The lawyer, author, and activist won the 2018 poll convincingly, securing 15 percent of the mentions among the 1,025 of people surveyed," CNBC reported in the past, making it one of many popular awards picked up by Obama.

"Scoring 5 percent, TV personality Oprah Winfrey was second in the annual poll compiled by Gallup, while former Secretary of State Clinton dropped two places to third, and current first lady Melania Trump finished fourth," it noted.

Despite ongoing rumors, the former first lady continues to state that she has no plans to enter politics.

Instead, she continues to use her influence in the Democratic Party in other ways, encouraging Americans to vote and supporting the left's political issues.

She may not run this time but she'll have a strong influence on those voting for Biden in 2024.

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