Denmark's royals celebrate new reign with kiss, rumors of affair

 January 15, 2024

King Frederik X and Queen Mary of Denmark marked the commencement of the new reign with a celebratory kiss, following Queen Margrethe's formal abdication on Sunday.

Frederik was officially declared as the new monarch from the balcony of Christiansborg Castle after the abdication proclamation.

The kiss

In a poignant moment, King Frederik, visibly emotional, wiped away tears during the balcony appearance.

Queen Mary, demonstrating a united front, joined her husband along with their four children on the balcony, eliciting cheers from the crowds below.

The kiss shared by King Frederik and Queen Mary added a touch of warmth to the historic occasion.

The change

The transition to King Frederik's rule follows Queen Margrethe's surprising abdication, which deviates from the Danish tradition where rulers typically reign until their demise.

Speculation arose concerning the motivation behind the unexpected abdication, especially in light of previous infidelity rumors involving King Frederik. In November 2023, reports surfaced alleging an affair between Frederik and socialite Geneveva Casanova. However, Casanova vehemently denied any romantic involvement with the royal.

Some observers speculated whether Queen Margrethe's abdication aimed to strengthen her son and daughter-in-law's marriage, especially considering the potential challenges a strained union could pose to the royal family.

Longtime author and royal commentator Phil Dampier suggested that the Queen may have taken this action to prevent any disruptions to the royal family.

Queen Mary

Queen Mary, born Mary Donaldson, brings a unique distinction as the only queen consort ever born in Australia.

Her journey to royalty began when she, an Australian advertising executive, had a chance encounter with Prince Frederik, who introduced himself simply as "Fred," at the Slip Inn in Sydney during the 2000 Olympics. Their initial meeting evolved into a long-distance relationship, away from media attention.

"She got to know and love Frederik as the man he is, not as the Crown Prince," Mary's friend Chris Meehan told the authors of Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark.

In 2002, Mary moved to Copenhagen, immersed herself in Danish culture and language, and converted to the Lutheran Church. The couple's engagement was announced in 2003, followed by their marriage at Copenhagen Cathedral in 2004. Queen

Mary's transition from an Australian commoner to a respected member of Danish royalty is a remarkable chapter in the history of the Danish monarchy.

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