Deputy comms director Kate Berner to depart Biden team in weeks

 May 16, 2023

White House principal deputy communications director Kate Berner said Monday she would be leaving her position in the next few weeks.

Berner is a longtime Biden staffer who worked on the 2020 campaign, then transitioned to the administration after he was elected.

She had an important part in both the $1.2 billion bipartisan infrastructure spending package and the so-called Inflation Reduction Act.

The move comes as some in the administration will begin to work for the campaign, but the White House would not comment on whether Berner would be transitioning back to campaign work.

"At the center"

White House Communications Director Ben LaBolt prased Berner for her work and part on Biden's team in a tweet.

Former White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield also praised Berner's work, saying, “Berner is the best of the best and no one deserves some rest and recharge more than her. She has served this White House and her country with distinction and I hope that any foxhole I’m in at any point in the future includes Kate Berner."

Berner is one of the last officials in Biden's administration who was part of the 2020 primary campaign. Many longtime staffers like Chief of Staff Ron Klain have departed in recent months.

"Big loss"

Klain also tweeted about Berner's departure, “Big loss for the WH: @KateBerner46 is brilliant, hard working, understands policy and comms, a huge talent. She will be missed."

Biden senior adviser Anita Dunn told Axios: "Kate Berner’s intelligence, talent, creativity and organizational abilities are hard to replicate, much less replace. She was an invaluable part of the 2020 campaign and has been equally invaluable in this administration, as a colleague and a friend."

Is the ship sinking?

Despite the many accolades, Biden's team has not been able to help him lately to spin his many failures as wins, and he sits in the mid-thirties in approval ratings as he begins his re-election campaign in earnest.

Are staffers just shuffling around, or are they jumping off a sinking ship before it goes completely under the water?

It seems like Biden's ship is sinking, but the media and some of his team are posing as the musicians on the Titanic who refuse to acknowledge the crisis situation, maybe until it's too late.

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