DeSantis campaign in 'hospice care' mode, NYT says

 December 26, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' presidential campaign is facing internal challenges, as revealed by a reported remark from pollster and advisor Ryan Tyson, who allegedly said their job is now to "make the patient comfortable."

The campaign has experienced a decline in polls, dropping from 35 to 12 percent with the Iowa caucus approaching.

The turmoil

DeSantis' campaign immediately dismissed concerns, labeling it a "media hit job." However, insiders close to the campaign disclosed ongoing turmoil, including conflicts within the Never Back Down Super PAC that supports DeSantis.

The resignation of strategist Jeff Roe and previous upheavals within the campaign team have raised questions about the governor's management style.

Critics argue that DeSantis's preference for working with his Florida associates over experienced campaign professionals may have contributed to the challenges.

Another anonymous insider told the Times, "You’re running against a former president, you’re going to have to be perfect and to get lucky.” They added, "We’ve been unlucky and been far from perfect.”

Super PAC issues

Super PACs, designed to maintain distance from candidates, faced internal strife, with allegations of confrontations and resignations.

The campaign's technical glitches during its launch in May and subsequent negative advertising targeted at DeSantis have added to the hurdles.

Despite attempts to reorganize with a new super PAC called Fight Right, it struggles to attract substantial donations.

The final countdown

Professionals rejected by DeSantis have reportedly joined Trump's campaign, utilizing their insights into the governor's vulnerabilities.

DeSantis's decline in polls, internal conflicts, and challenges in fundraising highlight the complexities of navigating the competitive presidential race, especially against a former president.

As the Iowa caucus nears, the success of DeSantis' campaign hinges on its resilience and capacity to tackle internal challenges. Currently facing limited prospects for his presidential ambitions in 2024, DeSantis requires a formidable turnaround to secure victory in the crucial first state.

The campaign's ability to navigate obstacles and devise effective strategies will be instrumental in shaping its trajectory. DeSantis' presidential aspirations face a critical juncture, necessitating a strategic and resilient approach to revive hope and contend in the competitive political landscape. The evolving dynamics of the campaign will be closely watched as the countdown continues toward Iowa.

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