DeSantis popular with early state primary voters: Report

 June 4, 2023

The contest between former President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is heating up in a big way. 

According to Fox News, while DeSantis remains behind Trump in many notable polls, he's still gaining ground in important states that can alter the course of a presidential election.

Fox News Digital traveled to a recent DeSantis rally in South Carolina and asked some of the attendees why they're choosing the Florida governor over Trump.

The sentiment seemed to be that they believe DeSantis has a better shot in the general election for defeating President Joe Biden or whoever ends up the Democratic nominee.

"DeSantis is the one"

Attendees at the South Carolina rally weren't shy about their feelings on the race, with many praising Trump's past performance but wishing for a new face of the party.

"I think what DeSantis has done in Florida has been amazing. And I have been a supporter of him from the beginning. I think he is a person that will back the American people and get the country back on track, as Trump did years ago," one attendee told Fox News Digital.

They added: "But sometimes it's time for you to have somebody new, and I think DeSantis is the one."

The greatest

One rally attendee name Tom told the outlet that he believes Trump was one of the greatest presidents in U.S. history, but was hesitant that he would be able to convince enough voters to back him in the 2024 general election.

"Donald Trump was one of the best presidents we've ever had, and history is going to prove that. He's terrific. He proved that a businessman could run this country and administrate this country, not a personal politician," Tom said.

One person at the rally held nothing back in their support for DeSantis over Trump, saying DeSantis is simply a stronger leader with "backbone."

"I mean, he wasn't president like Trump was, but I think he just has more of a backbone and can kind of just do more conservative policies. And I'm here to convince my parents to vote for him over Trump," the attendee told Fox.

Tough battle ahead

Trump has steadily thrown bombs at DeSantis for the past few months, and that only intensified once the Florida governor formally declared his intentions.

Many are concerned that as the two go at each others' proverbial throat that it will shatter the Republican Party ahead of a crucial, future-defining election.

Only time will tell, but hopefully, when the dust settles, Republican voters will coalesce and back the Republican nominee to the finish line, whoever it might be.


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