DeSantis reveals whether he would comply with a request to extradite Trump

 April 1, 2023

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), following the unprecedented indictment of former President Donald Trump, says that he "will not assist" with an extradition request should one be made by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. 

DeSantis said as much in a message that he posted to Twitter on Thursday evening.

"Florida will not assist in an extradition request given the questionable circumstances at issue with this Soros-backed Manhattan prosecutor and his political agenda," DeSantis wrote.

The indictment

On Thursday, it was reported that a grand jury has voted to indict Trump.

At the time of this writing, the indictment has still not been unsealed. And so, the charges that Trump will face remain unclear.

That being said, there does appear to be quite of bit of leakage occurring. And, the Associated Press now reports that, according to "two people familiar with the matter," "Trump is facing multiple charges of falsifying business records, including at least one felony offense."

Still, the specifics remain unknown. And, Trump continues to insist that he has done nothing wrong and that Bragg's motivation is political - propositions with which many legal experts are in agreement.

"It is un-American"

Most Republican politicians are now rallying behind Trump. This includes DeSantis, who, on Thursday, made his position on the Trump indictment very clear.

"The weaponization of the legal system to advance a political agenda turns the rule of law on its head," DeSantis wrote in his Twitter message, adding, "It is un-American."

DeSantis continued, "The Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney has consistently bent the law to downgrade felonies and to excuse criminal misconduct. Yet, now he is stretching the law to target a political opponent."

It is for this reason that DeSantis said that he will not be cooperating with any extradition request that might come from Bragg. Trump's primary residence - Mar-a-Lago - is in Florida.

There is a particularly interesting dynamic here in that Trump and DeSantis are expected to be the Republican Party's two top rivals in 2024. Trump, accordingly, has been criticizing DeSantis, heavily, as of late. DeSantis, nonetheless, is putting all of that aside - or, at least, he has chosen to give the impression that he is putting it to the side.

Looking ahead

It now appears that there will be no extradition request from Bragg because Trump and his lawyers have made an arrangement for Trump to be arraigned on Tuesday without handcuffs.

Trump is expected to voluntarily make his court appearance on Tuesday and then, afterward, to return to Florida.

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