DeSantis shares permanent actions planned against biomedical security

 January 18, 2023

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) shared plans for permanent protections for medical issues in his state.

The governor shared the plans in a Bay County speech that proposed permanent restrictions against government overreach such as a COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

The plans

“They sought to marginalize people who declined COVID jabs by using things like vaccine passports. They sought to prevent people from being able to earn a living,” he said.

“You still have universities that are forcing these students to get these booster shots," DeSantis said, adding that there should be “no turning back from our direction.”

The protections

DeSantis also noted the protections in a tweet following the speech on Tuesday.

"Today, I announced an initiative to make protections against coercive biomedical policies permanent including prohibiting: - COVID vax passports, - COVID vax & mask requirements to attend any school, - Any COVID mask requirements, - All discrimination based on vax or booster status," he wrote.

State Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo also noted the importance of the new effort in a statement from the governor's office.

“As a health sciences researcher and physician, I have personally witnessed accomplished scientists receive threats due to their unorthodox positions,” said Ladapo.

“However, many of these positions have proven to be correct, as we’ve all seen over the past few years. All medical professionals should be encouraged to engage in scientific discourse without fearing for their livelihoods or their careers," he added.

The efforts are part of the state's ongoing focus on health privacy and being known as the free state of Florida. DeSantis previously acted in 2020 as one of the first governors to roll back COVID-19 restrictions as other states forced lockdowns for up to two years.

The new efforts will certainly trigger those on the left, but came as positive news to freedom-loving conservatives in Florida and beyond concerned about government overreach into private health issues. The move also comes as speculation continues to swirl over whether DeSantis will run for president in 2024.

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