Early diagnosis of Biden's presidency as a failure has largely been proven accurate

 November 8, 2023

In 2021, just months into his term, President Joe Biden was labeled by some critics as a failed president who would be unable to fulfill his campaign promises and would ultimately cause harm to the nation through his various policies.

Despite pushback and claims that everything would work out fine from some of the president's supporters in the media, that early diagnosis of Biden's presidency as a failure increasingly appears to have been accurate, according to National Review's Jim Geraghty.

Contrary to the assertions that Biden would recover from stumbles out of the gate of his tenure in office, in terms of his job approval and legislative accomplishments, Geraghty argued that the Democratic president never really "bounced back" at all and instead has sunk even further into a morass of his own making.

Early diagnosis of Biden as a failure proven correct

NR's Geraghty had sharply critiqued President Biden in September 2021 over the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, the immediately evident open borders policies resulting in a surge of illegal immigration, and his wildly expensive and far-left progressive legislative aims in the Democrat-controlled Congress, among other things.

At the time, he derided Biden and his team as "naïve, unprepared, slow-footed, and in over their heads. A flailing president is a failing president."

Geraghty, among other Biden critics, was taken to task by The New Yorker's Susan Glasser, who countered that such criticism was "wildly overstated" and argued that "it is too soon now to consign [Biden] to the ash heap of history."

She further asserted, "What we might be seeing, instead, is a bit of a return to normalcy in American politics -- the kind of normalcy in which a President’s job-approval rating goes up or down depending on how people think he is actually doing."

Biden's approval rating has remained dismal

Now two years later after those initial assessments, and as everybody has had the opportunity to see what Biden "is actually doing," it certainly looks like Geraghty's analysis was more accurate than Glasser's, as there has been no real bounce back and "Biden’s job approval has not gone up and down much. The verdict of Americans has been strikingly consistent over the past two years and some change."

Indeed, the RealClearPolitics average shows that Biden's job approval rating crossed into negative territory concurrent with the Afghanistan debacle in August 2021 and has never recovered since.

Currently at around 40.9% -- lower than all three of his most recent predecessors at the same point in their first terms -- the president's average job approval has never been higher than 45% and has dipped as low as 37%, while his disapproval, currently at 55.4%, has reached as high as 57.5% and never fallen back below 50%.

Major poll exposed serious bad news for Biden

The National Review piece went on to cite just some of the plethora of bad news for President Biden in a recent New York Times/Siena College poll which not only found that the incumbent president seeking another term was losing to his 2020 rival, former President Donald Trump, in a prospective 2024 rematch.

Those results revealed just how poorly Biden, his policies, and his purported legislative achievements have been received by the American people and how, after seeing Biden in action over the past two years, a growing portion of various elements of his voter base coalition were starting to look elsewhere -- including even to Trump -- for somebody else to lead the nation in increasingly troubled times.

Of course, Biden's campaign has blown off the terrible poll numbers, at least publicly, and the president's defenders like Glasser will undoubtedly have several excuses prepped and ready to go to explain away Biden's apparent failures, including by arguing that Biden simply needs more time to fully achieve his promised Utopia.

Or, as Geraghty sarcastically concluded, "Maybe that big Biden comeback is just around the corner."

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