Dismissal of civil charges not a good sign for Alvin Bragg

 January 5, 2024

A Washington D.C. judge dismissed civil charges against Donald Trump over January 6th - a potential bad sign for the overzealous prosecutors who are trying to jail Trump using exaggerated political narratives, rather than facts.

Nowhere is that more apparent than Alvin Bragg's criminal prosecution over "hush money" paid to Stormy Daniels in 2016.

The Bragg prosecution is widely seen as the least serious of the four criminal cases Trump faces, and it is also increasingly likely to be the first one to go to trial.

Charges dismissed

An Obama-appointed judge threw out civil charges against Trump of wrongful death from the surviving partner of Brian Sicknick, the Capitol Police officer whose death was exploited by Democrats in their "insurrection" narrative.

His partner, Sandra Garza, filed a lawsuit against Trump and two of the rioters. Judge Amit Mehta dismissed the claims of negligence and wrongful death, finding lack of standing while allowing other claims to go forward.

The media notoriously told a misleading story that Trump supporters beat Sicknick to death with a fire extinguisher. In fact, he was found to have died from a stroke after the riot.

Meanwhile, two of the criminal charges in Trump's January 6th case have question marks attached after the Supreme Court agreed to review the case of a January 6th protester who was charged with the same crime - obstruction of an official proceeding.

While it appears unlikely that any of Trump's criminal charges will be thrown out, the overzealous prosecution of Trump could backfire by giving Trump opportunities to slow things down on appeal.

Bragg goes first?

Trump's federal January 6th trial is scheduled in March but is likely to be delayed by Trump's appeal on the question of presidential immunity.

It's increasingly likely that Bragg's trial will take place first - which could be bad for Democrats given the frivolous nature of the charges.

The star witness in the case, former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, recently admitted he accidentally used AI to write court filings and even cited fake court cases.

Bragg took the highly unusual and aggressive step of charging Trump with 34 individual felony counts of "falsifying business records," a crime which is normally filed as a misdemeanor in New York.

But the evidence, or lack thereof, may matter little in a jurisdiction where Trump is likely to face a partisan jury.

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