Disney confirms release window for 'Toy Story 5' as creators push back on skeptics

 February 14, 2024

Tim Allen and Tom Hanks will return as Buzz Lightyear and Woody for one more Toy Story movie, but some fans are skeptical of a reunion.

Disney has announced a release year of 2026, but little else is known about Toy Story 5 outside the involvement of its two biggest stars.

'Toy Story' creators caution skeptics

The news of another Toy Story movie has caused excitement among fans and some concern that another movie will spoil the animated series, which has charmed children and adults alike with its moving, coming-of-age storyline.

Pixar, the studio behind Toy Story's magic since the first movie put Pixar on the map in 1995, is telling fans to withhold judgment.

“I think it’ll be surprising. It’s got some really cool stuff that you haven’t seen before," Pixar's chief creative officer Pete Docter told The Wrap.  

Pixar has struggled in recent years creatively and commercially.

The studio's last big hit was Toy Story 4, released five years ago. Lightyear, a spinoff featuring Chris Evans in the role of Buzz instead of Tim Allen, was a critical and box office failure that faced backlash from conservatives.

Some fans have called Toy Story 5 unnecessary after previous instalments tied the story together.

Toy Story 3 ended with Andy, the child owner of Woody and Buzz, saying goodbye to his toys, and Toy Story 4 was even more definitive with Woody and Buzz going their separate ways.

Tim Allen weighs in

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Tim Allen predicted that the screenwriter - who he said wrote "one of the better ones" - would deliver a story worthy of its title.

“You wonder if four was too many, is five too much? According to the scuttlebutts, the writer that’s doing it wrote one of the better ones and he said, ‘If I didn’t get this right, I wouldn’t do it.’ So it could be a very, very interesting way to reunite it,” he said.

While fans speculate about the plot of Toy Story 5, Allen told "The Movie Dweeb" that he would like to see Andy return as an adult, bringing the story full circle.

"Andy goes and gathers all the toys up. He has to go out and find each one of them and put them back together, bring them back to his house, and start the whole thing over again with his son," Allen said.

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