Disturbed woman arrested for threatening to kill Barron Trump

 August 23, 2023

Donald Trump has been facing violent threats from deranged leftists for years - and they aren't stopping as he seeks a return to the White House.

In the latest example, a Chicago woman was arrested for emailing death threats to 17-year-old Barron Trump's school, saying she wanted to shoot Trump's teenaged son.

41-year-old Tracy Fiorenza faces up to five years in prison following her arrest Monday.

Woman threatens Barron

Prosecutors say Fiorenza sent graphic threats to the headmaster of Barron's school in Palm Beach County, Florida.

“I will state that I will shoot Donald Trump Sr. AND Barron Trump straight in the face at any opportunity I get!” she wrote in a May e-mail.

In a second June e-mail, she said she would "slam a bullet" into Barron's head "with his father IN SELF DEFENSE!"

Fiorenza had her first court appearance in Chicago on Monday, where she appeared in a skull t-shirt. She will be transferred to Florida to face charges of transmitting threats to kill or injure another person in interstate commerce.

Disturbed obsession

Fiorenza's threats appeared to follow a years-long obsession with President Trump and his son.

Her Facebook and Twitter pages are filled with violent imagery of Trump being hanged and conspiratorial references to the Trumps being involved in a pedophile ring and the use of "psychotronic weapons."

Fiorenza also shared an image of a cease-and-desist letter she had received from St. Andrew's Episcopal School, in Maryland, where Barron Trump was educated during his father's time in office.

Barron now attends the Oxbridge Academy in West Palm Beach, Florida, near his parents' home at Mar-A-Lago.

Double standard?

Fiorenza, of Plainfield, is reportedly a former social studies teacher in Chicago Public Schools.

The Secret Service contacted her in June and set up a voluntary interview at the agency's Chicago field office. Fiorenza was shown copies of her threatening emails and confirmed that she sent them.

Her arrest drew comparisons to the recent killing of an elderly Utah man who made threats towards Joe Biden. Craig Robertson had made explicit threats about using his sniper rifle over Facebook as Biden prepared to visit the state.

The man, described by neighbors as a "cranky old guy" and virtually immobile, was killed during a heavily armed, 6 a.m. FBI raid that some condemned as a thinly veiled assassination.

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